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Quite the commotion was suddenly happening on the beach the dragons had claimed as their own. Humans were silly to think the four Norwegian Ridgebacks would leave their new-old home without a fight.

The female let out a puff of smoke, shuffling her wings as she settled back into her nest, on high alert for anyone who thought they could be a predator to a dragon.

The young male, not as wise or alert to intruders as the others, leapt off the cliff, diving toward the water, where he promptly scooped up a large seal, and flew briefly in a circle before landing back where it had been perched with his seal snack.

The third dragon, unsettled by all the commotion of the humans on the beach, took off to join the fourth overhead. Circling...circling...first one dragon, and then the other let out two roars before swooping low over the humans gathered below. One accompanied his roar with a stream of flame, not aimed at the humans...yet. A warning. Get off their beach.

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