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Originally Posted by wednesday View Post
Ollie was relieved the boy, Evan, didn't seem aggravated with her or the cat. "Yes, her names Pepper. She's really friendly,
so you can pick her up."
Pepper was a gift about 2 Christmases ago. Her Grandmother had given the kitten to her even though her father had told her no. It wasn't any reason in particular, just the fact that he didn't want a pet. But Grandma got Pepper for her anyways, thats why her Grandmother was her favorite. Pepper was a very well behaved cat; didn't run around at night, didn't knock anything over, and very, very friendly.

Ollie recognized the name, but couldn't put a finger on where she knew it from. "I'm Ollie, well Olive, but I like Ollie better." She extended a hand to the boy for him to shake. Then it hit her "Oh! You're Lisa's older brother? Umm..." Opps... She had completely forgotten Lisa's last name. It would come to her eventually.
"It's a pretty name." When she said the cat was friendly and he could pick her up, he leaned down to do so, petting the cat a few times as he did so before offering her back to her owner. "How old is she?" He was terrible at guessing animal ages, though the cat seemed full fledged? But weren't they usually friendlier as kittens? "We have a cat named Jinx at home. He's getting kind of old though."

"Ollie it is then. Nice to meet you." He mustered a half smile and reached out to take her hand and give it a small shake when extended. He blinked at the exclamation, but nodded his head. "I am. Are you and Lees friends?" It wouldn't be surprising, the youngest was always very good at making friends.
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