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Claudine had the sharp eyes of an eagle, thank you very much., and she was quite fond of narrowing them at anyone whenever she saw fit. Still, they relaxed for now. This kiddo was only a first year, if she remembered correctly. Oh. Now her expression turned to a sheepish one. See? This is what she got for jumping to conclusions. “I’m sorry. Guess I was so wrapped up that I didn’t notice.”

Those dark eyes narrowed slightly but only for a second as she watched the firstie’s expression change quite suddenly. Ohhh. This girl recognised whom she was drawing. Wow. Nerd alert. Just look at all of that bouncing! Claudine was half afraid the child would bounce through the floorboards of the treehouse. “No worries. It’s not a big deal.’’ The sixth year tilted her head, considering the question. “Kind of. Someone I know is a huge fan of Star Wars though. He introduced me to it.’’ She smiled a bit. “I can see that you’re as much of a huge fan. You definitely should meet Heath then. You two would talk to each other about Star Wars for days on end, I bet.’’ She probably should clear up who Heath was just in case the smaller girl was puzzled. “He’s in your House but he’s a sixth year. Tall. Long hair.” Handsomest guy to ever walk the earth.
She noted the older girl’s sheepish facial expression. Huh. “It’s okay,” said Lisa as she shrugged her shoulders. It happens. After seeing the drawing, she understood why Claudine must have been so absorbed in drawing.

Oh so kinda a fan? Got it... “Is Grogu your favourite character or is it your friend’s? And is your friend a friend or a special friend?” she asked, tilting her head to the side as more questions popped into her head. She just had to know the whole story and all the details. She paused herself as Claudine went on to explain about a guy named Heath. Another potential friend who liked Star Wars? She needed some to nerd out with because her Dad wasn't here.

Tall. Long Hair. She almost could have sworn that Claudine was going to add that Heath was handsome. Tall. Dark. Handsome. Princely. “How long IS his HAIR?” she asked curiously. “Is he like Flynn Rider?
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