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Having turned up to the lesson with low expectations and even less enthusiasm, the interest that had briefly flared and died in Nemesis was perhaps more than anyone could have hoped for. This business of burning assumptions about muggles was not quite as up their alley as might have been expected either, though maybe expected was not quite the word, as that was another little detail that very few people were privy to. Point was, there was nothing in them, nothing to channel into even faux engagement.

Nem had gone from staring at the scenery to watching the castle. If their name was called to partner with someone else - which it most definitely was; Schmoe was unlikely to leave anyone out of this class activity, and there was little chance he'd consider them an exception - they either ignored it, or it didn't register at all. Hard to be sure, from the outside looking in, but it was probably in their partner's best interest to join up with some other pair instead. Nem stayed stood apart from the tree trunks and the fire pit, just thinking, and playing with something in their pocket - the name tag from the Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson earlier that week.

The burning away of assumptions, symbolic or literal, was useless. Not only did Nem have little regard for muggles, but they were not as closed-minded as others might think, and definitely not to the same extent that most people were. They had no reason to be; in fact, the opposite was true, and they changed their opinions based on experience and observation fairly frequently, especially as they got older. Observations, intuition, and, yes, assumptions, were all part of their necessary framework for figuring out how to function in society, and it was upended so easily that it was any wonder they kept their balance as well as they did, but they always adjusted because it was necessary. Their outlook on muggles, that was based on fact, not feeling. The day a muggle could beat Nem in a display of power (plus wits, though only because power was boring without brilliance behind it) was the day they'd reassess the issue.

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