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Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
"But that's what makes them so good ---" Apollo started to argue only to realize a second later that he probably shouldn't. He was making assumptions about Ashley and in doing so, basically failing at empathy and this lesson. "I mean, err.. thanks, yes. That sounds good." There. He can do this.

Apollo frowned at that suggestion, "But I think that's kind of a negative about muggles, isn't it? Or maybe it's that they can appreciate muggle healing processes and healing in general, because it takes longer... so they don't take it for granted." He was confusing himself in trying to come up with more assumptions. "So err.... I guess we should just start to toss some of these papers into the fire?"
"They definitely don't take it for granted. Lots of people just die for something we could've fixed. Which makes it sound like muggles are inferior, but nah. Muggle come up with everything. X-rays, airplanes, tourniquets, computers... it's super cool. And because of not having magic, they don't teach kids how to blow stuff up... at least not as part of the standard curriculum in schools anyway. Because a lot of that stuff is super dangerous, and the general consensus is that it would be great if people didn't accidentally blow up their limbs." Ash could go on a loooong tangent about this. Transportation, education, medicine, art, fashion, tech, all of it... Ash loved muggle stuff. Especially medicine. That was totally the coolest part. "Yeah. Let's toss these." She threw hers into the fire, one by one. "I was a pyromaniac and an arsonist once. Am, was. Who knows?" Those were the days, when she was slightly less traumatized and slightly more happy. She ate some chocolate. "How are your s'mores?" Ash really did love this class.
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