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Originally Posted by Waddles View Post
Noah. Like Noah Nam, but...younger. "Nice to meet you, Noah," she mumbled automatically, still rather focused on the assumption thing.

She grinned at the Gryffindor. "Mine, too," she said. "I wrote 'stinky', because...well, my brothers are stinky sometimes." She also crumpled up her paper into a loose ball. It would make it easier for the fire to catch, she knew that from using scrap paper as kindling when her family went camping. And making a sweeping generalization about all Muggles based on interacting with two Muggles...seemed like how people made assumptions badly.

"Can we put them in the fire now and make the s'mores?" she asked. Because Noah was obviously in charge. For some reason. He was older, she thought.
Yes, one of the many Noahs in school, but the best looking one, according to him at least. One that he'd always said to people upon the first introduction, just so he could one-up the others.

Noah chuckled at the assumption and pointed at his twin sister Catherine among the students. "If you were partnered up with my twin, she'd agree with you with her life," Catherine would say all sorts of things just to make her point known that he was the most annoying twin ever.

"Fire in the hole!" the Gryffindor pulled back his arm and threw the ball of parchment into the fire, indirectly answering Margaret's request. "So... you said your friends are muggles too?" he asked in an attempt to keep the conversation going as he stood up to collect their ingredients. "I suppose you grew up with them?" because they did too, in an attempt to introduce the Mordaunt kids to the life and ways of the muggles early on despite their blood heritage. Mordred and Sophie thought and decided that it was the best choice for their children.

"Here we go," with a full plate of ingredients, Noah placed the plate between them and started to assemble his own s'more.

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