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Runes was not her strong suit. It wasn't the most interesting of classes in her opinion, however the use of runes themselves were helpful. Therefore she was on her way. As way. With her most comfortable pair of sneakers she owned which just so happened to be mostly white with a lilac strip along the side as well as the laces. The request for comfortable shoes didn't even seem odd to her and she thought nothing of it when she had gotten herself ready for the lesson.

Stepping into the classroom, Dahlia was slightly confused by the blue lights, dance floor and.. was that a band set up in the corner? "Whoa.." she giggled softly, looking about the room slowly until her eyes fell upon the professor. "Hello, Professor Gunter. I really like the setup you have going on here today."

It had only taken a moment or two for her eyes to adjust to the blue light and honestly she liked it better than the brighter normal ones. As for the starry lights that danced around, well those reminded her of camping during the summer and she liked those a lot too. Finding an empty spot near the dance floor but NOT on it she placed her bag down behind her.

While dancing wasn't entirely her thing, she could dance a little bit. She wasn't incredibly terrible at it. It was the music she was more interested in. Music soothed the soul.
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