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Originally Posted by wednesday View Post
Ollie's face went pale. How embarrassing! She began to think that leaving Pepper in her dorm would've been better, but she didn't want to roam the castle all alone. Now she just wished Pepper wasn't super friendly with strangers.

She rushed over to the boy and her cat and blushed. "Yes, she's mine. I'm so sorry she bothered you!" The words flooded out of her mouth making it obvious she was anxious. She bent down to scoop the cat in her hands, but Pepper had other plans. She scurried behind the boy and began weaving in between his legs, rubbing her head on him as she went by. "Pepper!" She called to the cat. She would have just grabbed the darn thing, but she didn't want to get too close to the guy. Firstly, she didn't know him at all! And secondly, he was a GUY!
Ahh, so the kitty was a she. "No apology needed. And she's not bothering me. She's cute. Reminds me of my brother's cat back home." Part of him wished he had his own pet he could have brought with him as well. Maybe he'd ask his parents for a cat or... an owl or something next term. Or even after Christmas. He straightened when she leaned down for the cat, but the creature darted between his legs which made him chuckle softly. "Pepper is her name then?" It was cute.

He figured she was not grabbing her cat because uncomfortable so he glanced down at the animal again before looking back at the girl. "Is she okay being picked up? I can catch her and hand her to you?" If that made it easier, and made her less uncomfortable. "My name's Evan. You?"
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