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Gabriel was not snooping, for the record, as much as it may have looked like it. As soon as he saw a cubicle was empty, he was moving on. He figured he just had to ask to get the scoop on most of the active investigations, and he wasn't about to jeopardize his future Auror career by prying where he didn't belong.

At least not on purpose.

Still, despite doing nothing wrong, he somehow felt guilty when Mr. Upstead addressed him. His face probably looked guilty for half a moment, too, before the expression was swallowed by a cheerful grin. He did enjoy his job, after all, and Mr. Upstead was pretty cool. Definitely his favorite department head. Which wasn't saying much, since he was only being compared to Bain. "Hey, Mr. Upstead," Gabriel said. Wait, didn't Mr. Upstead not like being called that? Better fix it. "Oh--sorry, Jake."

He shook his head. "Not super particular...just...well...I think I'm supposed to shadow an Auror today? But it seems like nobody's around." He was absolutely open to doing something else, though, if there was an urgent law enforcement task that needed doing. He was more than halfway through the YATI training, surely he could do something somewhat productive sometimes.
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