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Originally Posted by wednesday View Post
Photographic memory! Great, now Ollie's teary eyes would be stuck in Ash's head forever... right? Was that how photographic memories worked?

"Never getting lost, must be nice" She tucked her hair behind her ear awkwardly. She really should get going, she did want to study! "I'll take you up on that offer of a tour sometime. Guess I'll try and find my way to the library now." She offered another weird, tight smile and turned back the way she had come, walking toward the entrance (or was it technically an exit now?). Before leaving for good she turned back to Ash and waved.
Ash remembered a lot of other people's teary eyes too.
"Byeeee! Have fun trying to get there. If you need directions, you can always ask someone. The library's on the other side of the building."
Unless she ran into Cambridge. Then it would be a better idea to NOT ask for directions.
Ash went back to painting. People came, and people left. At least this goodbye was temporary and didn't involve punching anyone.
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