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SPOILER!!: Individual Replies
SPOILER!!: Gemma
Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post
"Making assumptions about anyone muggle or not is not allowing yourself to get to know someone and really finding what they are about. People are more than stereotypes and we as people should always give chances to show that. If you just think about the assumptions you could really loose out on a friendship that could have been or finding someone that could have really helped you or you help them in some way." She had been always taught to respect and be kind to everyone, to always give chances before judging.

Thinking about the rest and how they get past that Gemma was at a loss. How did you get past everything that happened last term, but she put her hand up again and talked a little softer. "I think getting past that is going to be hard. I mean there was so much hurt and loss, but in time healing can happen and hopefully people will have learned from history so it doesn't happen again, it can't happen again." She bit her lip and tried to focus on something else, anything else.

Finneas agreed with his whole heart and conveyed as much of that as he could through a singular look. He was never able to hold eye contact for terribly long, but never let it be said that he didn't try. "Learning from is an excellent start," he agreed with a twitchy bob of the head.

SPOILER!!: Claudine
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Claudine dully watched Schmoe erase all those assumptions. If there was one good thing about this lesson, it was that she already wanted to work hard to stop judging others. It was easier said than done, given the fact she’d been judging for as long as she could remember. Right now, Claudine could draw the link between the curriculum of last term and Rosier who was probably the most judgemental of all. Woops. There she went, judging again.

“Well, for starters, any negative assumptions could bring on another war,’’ the sixth year volunteered, lowering her hand after she began to speak. “Those assumptions could be avoided by we, ourselves getting to know Muggles rather than relying on the hearsay of others.”

Schmoe nodded slowly, the reminder, it was true. Though that didn't make it any less difficult. "Avoiding taking another's word and investigating the truth for ourselves.." He echoed her sentiments, agreeing with the suggestion.

Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
Hearing Lisa's response to the previous question, and the mention of their mum, Evan did glanced her way. He smiled encouragingly when she looked his way, as if confirming that she'd said it all right - which she had so he gave her a subtle nod and a small thumbs up. Eomma would be pleased that she had remembered all of that.

Moving onto the next question, this was one Evan was willing to offer a response too. He raised his hand and waited to be called on. "It's important to not make assumptions, especially on an entire specific group of people, because then you miss out on learning opportunities. There are so many things that are different between the muggle world and the wizarding world, and I think it's important that we know both because knowledge is power. When we make assumptions we close ourselves off to people and what they can teach us." And what others could teach you could prove to be valuable, something he was learning more and more.

He took a brief pause before offering an answer to the second question as well. "I think... in terms of moving forward, one of the most important things is remembering. We have to remember it happened so that we know warning signs for the future, and prevent ourselves from joining in mass assumptions, like against an entire group like the muggles, or even to stop ourselves from making assumptions about individuals."

Finneas offered Mr. Nam a small smile for his thoughtful contribution. "The learning opportunities are ample, aren't they?" They could learn plenty in a classroom, but even that was limited. To experience it was something else entirely.

As for the second part of his answer, Finneas simply offered a strong nod in agreement. There wasn't much else to add, but he did linger for a moment longer, in hopes that the sentiment would truly sink in for everyone in class.

Originally Posted by LilFox06 View Post
"I would think nobody would have to." Misa said shifting uncomfortably. "People should know enough of a variety of people where they know that any judgments and predispositions are wrong."

"Even so, a reminder can never hurt," he offered, not unkindly.

SPOILER!!: Violet
Originally Posted by MadAlice View Post
Violet listened to the replies of her fellow students, thinking about what they all said. Of course, the main emphasis was on negative assumptions, but you could make wrong assumptions the other way, too.

"You can make false positive assumptions as well, and those can be equally dangerous. When I was growing up, my family would never talk about or have anything to do with anything Muggle, and that made me develop a kind of fascination with them. I thought my family was just prejudiced and that Muggles were all wonderful.

Then I met some...rather unpleasant Muggles, which got me in a lot of trouble. And for a while I thought that my family was right and I didn't want anything to do with Muggles. But now I realize--Muggles are just people, like Wizards. They can be good, or bad, or anywhere in between. You just have to judge everyone by what they say and, most importantly, what they do, and make your own evaluations."

Violet sat back, a little startled at herself for uncharacteristically revealing so much personal information.

Finneas looked Violet's way with thoughtful curiosity. He remembered when she had come to his office to speak to him on this very subject. It was, in part, what had kept him so worried about her this previous term.

He nodded simply, "making our own evaluations rather than relying upon what is said by the masses can do us a world of good." Yes, he very much agreed. Especially in the notion of action over words. People showed you who they were if you paid attention.

SPOILER!!: Phoebe
Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
Phoebe really wished they were spending time learning about the many crazy ways that Muggles used spoons. Or maybe how Muggle bathrooms worked. That seemed like a super fun and harmless way to spend the term, rather than this emotional trauma. Schmoe obviously meant well, but Phoebe wasn't sure why he felt like he had to absolve their misdeeds singlehandedly. Wait, not their misdeeds. The students hadn't done anything wrong.

"Uh... professor? Maybe it's bad to go in with assumptions because it keeps you from really understanding Muggles or getting to know them. And then all that exists between us and them is misunderstanding and distrust, and then people do things that are crazy."

Maybe they'd speak of spoons next time! Who knows? Not Schmoe. Jk. He knew. There was a curriculum for the year, heh. They weren't going to spend the whole time on this. Schmoe could not handle that, probably.


AnYwAy. He hummed in agreement, wiggling a finger. "Misunderstanding and distrust are never good precursors to any relationship." He offered her a small smile.

SPOILER!!: Nemesis
Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
"So dangerous," Nem agreed in a flat voice, and left it at that.

As the answers came in, they were about as oblivious to the few eyes that darted their way as they were bothered about the fact. Nem was more interested in watching for reactions to the board and answers in general, scrutinising each unhappy expression, bowed head, slumped set of shoulders, and everything else there was to see, filing it away to be picked apart later.

Nem had an inkling that this lesson was about to start moving into the realm of muggles, and they were soon proved right. That was when Schmoe lost them. Nem didn't care, they didn't care about muggles, never had, never would. No big deal; it was hardly as though that consideration was directed anywhere else, and it was not their disregard for muggles that had drawn them into the Neo-Alliance, though having an outlook that coincided with their tenets had only helped in earning Rosier's favour.

Fact of the matter was, Nem made the effort to learn about muggles for the very same reason they studied people in general. To play the game better than anyone, it was necessary to know what and who they were dealing with. They knew it was still a good idea to pay attention to this new question and the answers provided, but redoubled apathy hit them all at once like a curse to the face, and Nem drifted. They glanced down at Cambridge, then the unlit fire, before settling on fixing an empty stare somewhere off on the horizon.


Finneas looked in Nem's general vicinity, pausing a beat or two. Never knowing when there would be an answer coming, never knowing what to expect. Er. AnYwAy. Maybe next round.

Originally Posted by Watson View Post
Seeing Evan’s thumbs up and smile acknowledgement of her answer made Lisa puff her chest a little bit and wiggle in her seat. Good. She had gotten it right and done him proud

Professor Schmoe spoke again and Lisa nodded as she listened to him. She then jotted down a few things in her notebook to brush up on. His next question stumped her and gave her pause. She didn’t know how to entirely answer it so she opted to listen to the others responses. She liked the notion that Claudine brought up which was all centered around getting to know muggles and not assuming or basing things off rumours. She was such a big fan that she could have turned into an air conditioner ... I’ll see myself out.

She shot her hand up in the air to offer HER perspective. “I agree with Claudine about getting to know muggles instead of relying on rumors or hearsay...” she began. “I think how you move forward is you acknowledge said unconscious bias...” ohohoho she felt quite amused using such big words. Heh. “And we strive to understand their viewpoint. People may not agree with it. That’s fine... I guess not cool but fine.... but there needs to be an understanding at least”.

Buuuut easier said than done I’m sure...” And she bit her lip from refraining to relate the situation to V and Daniel’s earlier outburst. She was so so tempted but she saw what happened to Atlas....

Finneas offered the young ravenclaw what was meant to be an encouraging smile. "Well said, Ms. Nam." Finneas really had nothing to add. But he did appreciate her engagement. He also noticed the exchange between the siblings and it did warm his heart.

SPOILER!!: Mamie
Originally Posted by Waddles View Post
Mamie had to squint to see the writing on the board. Was that everything everyone had put as things people assumed about them? All she could really make out were the ones in big block letters, like "traitor", "not potty trained", "evil spawn", "arrogant", and "condescending."

None of those seemed like very good things to think about people.

She fidgeted on her log, trying to bunch her robes underneath to make it a bit more cushioned. She knew people assumed she was stupid, because her brothers told her. She wondered how other people knew. Did people tell them, too? Or were they just basing it off how people treated them? She didn't think she'd be able to tell if people were treating her like she was stupid. She didn't really have anything to compare to, like how they'd treat her if they thought she was smart. Was she smart? Mamie didn't really know.

And then Schmoe was indeed getting to the meat and potatoes of the class. And talking all about last term. She fidgeted even more. Did they have to talk about this? Could they just...not? She realized she'd been nibbling on her fingernails, chipping the nail polish, and shoved her hands under her legs.


No, she couldn't raise her hand if she was sitting on it. Ummm. She sat on her hands for a few more moments, sort of listening to the others' replies. Then she pulled her left hand free and raised it in the air. "We can learn things from Muggles, but not if we assume they're stupid," she said. "And we can be friends and have fun with Muggles, but not if we assume they're dangerous."

"Like some others said, getting to know someone can help overcome your first impressions or assumptions."

Finneas offered Mamie a small smile. "Right on the nose, Ms. Turov." She really was. Right on the monaaaaay. First impressions could be overcome by overriding them with other impressions. Hm?

SPOILER!!: Victoria
Originally Posted by kayquilz View Post
She was glad Alfie had moved. LOVELY. GOODBYE, TRAITOR. Hmph. She still had Serena. And she quickly opened her notebook to scribble a note under the one about getting revenge on Daniel. Thank you for being a good and loyal friend.


She supposed Professor Schmoe had a point. You didn't want to box yourself in and stuff by only allowing yourself to BE what others thought you were. V just thought sometimes...embracing your bad stuff was a way to STICK IT TO THE MAN! However, HER assumption, the crybaby thing, wasn't really something she wanted to embrace. She reaaaally needed to get a handle on that. Her mother, for sure, would probably be writing her soon about how disappointing it was that she was just crying all the time. Sigh.

SO THIS WAS THE CONNECTION! To the muggles! Ahhh! It all made SENSE. V thought for a moment and listened to some of the other people answer first.

"I think it's important becaaaaaause muggles are people, too, and if you hate an entire group of people you're POTENTIALLY missing out on POTENTIAL HUSBANDS. Or wives." Victoria nodded, knowing in her heart that this was the TRUEST answer of them all. She was like, twelve and all. So she knew things, all right? And one day she would grow up, find a handsome bloke and mARRY HIM unlike what her parents had done - which was have other kids first then sort of live together until accidentally having THREE MORE kids and never actually getting married.

Her family was great! But like...Victoria wanted to be NORMAL when she was an adult. Normal. Married. Kids. Happiness. LIFE. Death.



That was. Er. One way to think about it.

.............. He supposed.

"Er.... Yes, you could, perhaps, miss out on meeting new ..... friends." He would leave it at friends. But. Er. Husbands and wives too. Though this wasn't entirely the point.

Originally Posted by AlwaysSnapesGirl View Post
Ivy shifted a little uncomfortably in her seat now the topic finally connected to Muggle Studies and what had happened last term. It had seemed likely that this was where it was going, but at least it was there now, and it made some sense.

She raised her hand. "It's already harmful enough to be stuck on an assumption you've made about an individual person," she said. "But then to expand it to cover an entire group of people it becomes even worse. Because if you think they're all the same, then it's easier to think they're less human than you are. And that obviously leads to bad things." As they had all witnessed... "And one of the ways to prevent that is to find common ground with other people, like Muggles. To be open to other perspectives and understanding how they view the world and why."

Finneas offered a prideful sort of smile to Ms. Grimm. This was the big answer for the day. "Yes, by stereotyping an entire group, we are indeed taking away an element of humanity." Though he hoped people were paying attention in general, this one was something he hoped people heard.

SPOILER!!: Valentina
Originally Posted by Lady of Light View Post
Valentina shifted slightly in her seat. Talking about the previous term was going to be uncomfortable, to say the least. She looked down at her feet for a few moments as a few of her classmates gave their answers. The gryffindor tucked her blonde hair behind her ears before raising a hand.

"Becaaaause making stupid assumptions about people you don't know or don't bother to get to know is just.. pointless!! We can move forward by just talking to them?? By being friends with them!" if that made sense. Because they were people too!

Finneas smiled at this one's passionate answer. His eyes might've even twinkled a little bit. "Pointless, indeed!" He bobbed his head.

Originally Posted by Stefan View Post
Noah grinned back at the professor, noting his empathy towards him. To be honest, it felt wonderful to be understood and just... be heard for once and not question further. Just then he'd caught the look of a first year Slytherin, and then looked at the board. Noah had a brow raised at her, questioning her subtlety and judgment. Did he care? Not really. She's just a kid, and most of them are annoying anyway.

The Gryffindor took a moment to hear what the others felt when people made assumptions about them, and he did agree with Upstead's answer. The question was, did they want to be understood? Because there were people who are actually detached and don't care at all, which makes the problem even harder.

"Assumptions are harmful because it can cause that person unnecessary anxiety, and it can be deeply ingrained in their mind, and eventually make it their reality. It's like you're purposefully making a good apple into a bad one, because words-- bad ones, are powerful and is a potent source of brainwashing someone, especially if they aren't even sure of themselves." Noah sat back on his hands, stretching one leg out in front of him. "I mean, look, we all have instincts, right? It's not perfect, that's for sure, but if you don't think you can vibe with somebody after talking to them, then just... leave them be and move along. Most of the time they'd share the same sentiment, anyway. Mind your own business, and keep the peace." Was it really so hard to do?

And this is the very reason why he thinks it's hurtful to be called detached when all he was trying to do was to be respectful.

Finneas appreciated the answer Noah offered up and once again found himself nodding along as the Gryffindor explained. "It isn't likely that we will get along with everyone we meet, but you're quite right, Mr. Mordaunt. We can make the responsible choice, rather than inflicting harm."

Originally Posted by Tegz View Post
Could Schmoe be any more long-winded? He was slowly getting to a point, but that point could easily be covered in less than a half page of reading any first year muggle studies text book and not involve sitting out here in yet another attempt at a group kumbaya moment. If she were engaging she would speak on fear and the unknown being contributors towards some assumptions that people often had about other groups, but it felt like a waste of time even if she had been inclined to speak up, which she wasn't even at the best of times. Instead, Pax didn't even look up from the book on her knee. At least she could get some studying done.

Finneas wasn't sure what to do about Ms. Upstead, to be quite honest. The only Upstead that did not unnerve him was Ezra. Er. He paused when his gaze fell upon Pax, as if silently deciding whether or not to ask her to put the book away. But. Er. He figured she would hopefully tuck it away for their final activity. Maybe then he would say something.

SPOILER!!: Dahlia
Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Dahlia nodded. That was it. Perspectives. It was a better way of putting it than she had. She might be an avid reader and a wonderful listener but words weren't her thing. Putting them together in a way that always made the best sense, that is. Sometimes when she talked the words tended to get all jumbled up on the way out and made no sense. It always sounded so much better in her own head.

As Professor Schmoe cleared all the assumptions off the board, Lia felt a little bit better not having to see them anymore. Kinda like, out of sight, out of mind. Only not really as they were still discussing the same topic. Except muggles were being added into it. She should've known. Somehow, she should've known.

Shifting uncomfortably, the second year chewed at her bottom lip as she tried not to think about everything that had been taught last year in their classes. She knew it wasn't true, the things they had been taught. None of it had been fair. Lia raised her hand when it was her turn. "Assumptions just aren't fair. No one likes when they are made about them so why should we make them about anyone else? Everyone deserves to be met with a clean sleet, exactly like how you wiped all of the assumptions off of the board. A fresh start. A do over. Call it whatever you like." she paused for a breath. "All anyone wants is to be treated the same. With respect and like an equal."

With her little rant finished she slumped down on the log staring off into the fire less fire pit. It was a new term for them. A chance for them all to try to move forward as difficult as they may be.

Finneas wasn't entirely aware of the discomfort, but he knew it would be present in some capacity. He had anticipated there would be discomfort and even resistance. "Well said, Ms. Donovan." He agreed with a knowing smile. Though, he wouldn't say much more because this led them into their next activity quite well.
SPOILER!!: Heath
Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post
Heath was so lost in thought that he didn't notice the nod from Schmoe or really anything else until the professor spoke again. Wasn't it obvious what the dangers of assumptions were? all assumptions did was breed division and oppression. Every person who'd been here last term had seen it firsthand! Visceral anger roiled within him, not at anyone here, but at all they'd endured last term because of one man's assumptions.

Normally Heath was cautious about answering in class, but this time his hand shot up. "Once one starts down that path of making assumptions, it's easy to build on it," he said. "Maybe it starts with stereotyping a specific group of people, such as muggles. Then those assumptions get applied to people descended from said group, then eventually to anyone associated with that group, no matter how tangentially until… it never ends!" His voice trailed off and he blinked, shocked at the impassioned speech he just gave.*

Taking a deep breath, he returned to his usual quiet, matter-of-fact tone as he answered the other part of the question, "I think the best way to move beyond it is to educate yourself and others. Instead of relying on assumptions about people, learn from them, and share what you know with others so that those stereotypes can die."

Finneas was surprised to see Heath offering up an answer and made sure to offer him enough space to do so. "Education is the strongest weapon we can weild." That's why he had started teaching, though lately... He was battling with his own doubt.

SPOILER!!: Alfred
Originally Posted by Dumblydor View Post
Alfred sat in silence and simply took notes with an ambiguous expression on his face. He was too angry to speak. Reading over the other assumptions on the board, he fought a laugh when he reached the crybaby one. That was so obviously V. That seemed to cheer him up a bit. Despite that, listening to Schmoe talk about the last term solemnised him slightly. He was glad he didn't attend Hogwarts then; it sounded terrible. He raised his hand before offering his answer.

"It may lead us to behave irrationally." Just like Lisa, he fought the urge to bring Daniel and V into this. It made so much sense, but he didn't particularly want to join them in the office.
Finneas bobbed his head and offered a simple nod. "It often times does, yes," he agreed wholeheartedly.

Finneas waited to make sure there weren't any others who wanted to speak on the subject and once he confirmed as much, he slipped a hand into his pocket. "For the rest of class, I will splitting you up into pairs. I'd like you and your partner to come up with a list of assumptions or stereotypes that wizards attribute to muggles." He took a deeeeep breath before continuing. His bones still ached. "Write each of these assumptions down on slips of paper," he raised a bucket off the table, in it were special slips of parchment. "And then ball them up and toss them into the fire."

What fire? Oh, yes, this fire.

He pointed his wand to the firepit and set it alight. "As we watch our assumptions burn away, try envisioning the same thing happening within ourselves. And, er, once you've done that, I have supplies for s'mores on the table. Make yourselves some delicious graham cracker, chocolate, marshmallow nibbles, if you'd like." He wouldn't force them to eat the snacks, that would be silly. Schmoe was anything but silly, of course. Of CoUrSe.

OOC: Hihi, thanks for sticking with us, friends! This is our LAST bit of class. You'll have until the end of the lesson to do this activity aka until May 16 2PM EST (or maybe a little later).

For the sake of ease (and to switch things up for some variety, please partner up with whoever has posted before you! (Unless they have already been claimed, of course) - Schmoe has likely counted off, so partners would be pretty random anyway. If you won't have the time to partner up with someone, you can go the npc route, ofc.

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