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Originally Posted by kayquilz View Post
That made V laugh, and she didn't know why. But Lisa was just funny. Her way of saying things that sounded cool. But this made up language sounded like a lot of work. Who made up languages just for entertainment? Merlin...Victoria could never. "They should have just used an existing language. People are so extra sometimes," she said with a shake her head. "Since you live in a muggle household I guess you watch a lot of TV. I do, too, but not as much as muggles do. I don't even really know TV shows' names," she shrugged. "You know Korean and Japanese?" Whooaaah. Something she didn't know about Lisa? "I just know boring ole' French," she rolled her eyes. "And not even good French. My Gran used to - " she took a breath, here, and started walking in the direction of the arcade.

"My Gran used to make fun of my French a lot. She was really good at it. I guess it helps when both your parents care to speak it to you, and my dad's the only one who spoke it to me. I don't even know if my brother and sister will learn it..." hmmm.

As they walked and chatted, V hooked arms with Lisa. "So you have three in total? Two graduated. And all in different houses...except for Evan," V said as if there was any shot she'd remember all that. There almost a 0% chance of that, though. "Maya? If she's looking out for me she's either failing or being completely successful because I have NO idea who that is," she snorted. "And yes, I do. Twins. Regina and Roman are both...three now, I think. Four. Something around that age," she shrugged again. Part of her kind of missed them, but she definitely enjoyed not having to deal with their irritation half the time.

They got to what V assumed was the arcade...lots of board games and stuff. Not what she had envisioned for an arcade. "Um...once, I think. There's lots of lights and sound. This isn't really like that, though..." she sounded disappointed, and she bit her lip in a FAMOUS V POUT.

But LISA seemed to like it, so she softened her pout slightly. "IS it nice compared to a muggle one, though?"
She refrained from sighing at V’s lackluster answer. Clearly her friend needed to expand her horizons and embrace the wonders of imagination. Instead of sighing, Lisa simply shrugged. “Perhaps... but I think that wouldnt be as exciting. Like if they spoke French... oh yeah, sure, cool. But mythical land with dragons and kings and queens.... and they’re speaking French? Might as well be a French history television show and not a fantasy one. I think creating a language is creative.” And not lazy whatsoever. She bounced. “V, Imagine creating your own secret language to talk in codes? Your enemies would never be able to break it,” she explained before adding another word in her head. Hopefully. Hopefully it couldn’t be broken . "I can’t watch too too much. Eomma and Appa put limits on it, of course, but.... there’s way to get my siblings to indulge me.

Lisa paused and was genuinely surprised that V didn’t know that she spoke Korean at least. Well.... she was Korean so why wouldn’t she? She thought it was a silly question before stopping herself to wonder if V wasn’t trying to assume at this point in time. “I am Korean... And Japanese is practical. My cousin’s speak it.

Lisa tilted her head to the side as she listened to V speak about boring ye ol’ french and her gran making fun of her for it. She frowned. “Oh. That’s not that she made fun of you...” She added before listening against to V. “[b]I think French is cool. Did you know Alfie, Slytherin Alfie, is French?[/s]” She was fairly certain that Hufflepuff Alfie was British buuuut she’d have to check.

But anyway it was time to talk about the Nam’s. She nodded when V clarified how many siblings that she had. “Well three related by blood and one adopted. The adopted sister, Sol, is going to Beauxbatons. She lost her family last year... in the battle..” That was all she knew of the battle. No one had discussed it so it was kinda this bad thing that just hung over her head like a dark, stormy cloud ready to storm. She chuckled at V’s assessment of Maya either failing or succeeding. “Maya is quiet but super intelligent. Think of her as your guardian angel.... She probably will never go introduce herself to you right away but since we’re friends... she’ll watch out for you!

Lisa was, however, curious to learn that she didn’t ask about Evan. “Have you met Evan?

Woah. V had twins?! “WOW. Three or four is little. Do you get along?” she asked. She had lots of questions about the twins ranging from how V felt about them to their compatibility to whether or not twins had superpowers. She nodded as they continued to walk to the arcade. She listened to V as they travelled until they arrived. Ehh the arcade was better than what she expected. “It’s... nice. Yes. But it’s different.... I didn’t expect much from it. It’s not the palace of arcades but it’s practical and has potential for business and pranks... What do you think of it?
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