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Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
It wasn't even possible to ruin Ash's mood. She was in a perpetual bad mood, sooo...

"No problem. I'm trying to draw everyone I find. If you see any friends who would be interested, let me know." Wait. Was Ollie trying to ditch her? Eh. Didn't matter. She wouldn't be the only one. But. "Do you know where the library is?" Because might as well not get lost while ditching her. Ollie might bump into her again on accident.
Ash made a good point. Ollie did not know where the library was. "Not really, no" she gave a little, awkward laugh. Maybe staying here with Ash wasn't a bad idea. She wouldn't be lost if she stayed. But she still felt like there was a weird tension. "How long did it take you to learn your way around the school?" A real question. Ollie wasn't sure she would ever be able to memorize her way around the school, but maybe Ash could give her some tips before she headed off.
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