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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Ashley "Ash" C. Fox
Third Year

Ash did not answer the professor's smile with one of her own. They were too special and too rare.

Ash did not raise her hand to take a nap. She did not like to sleep. It absolutely sucked, unless watching your friends drown in pitch-black water at midnight and then falling through a mirror into a flaming Hogwarts full of pureblood supremacists and then being impaled on a the highest tower of the castle while the whole world laughed at you was a dream that you would enjoy. Ash did not enjoy that dream. But she still had some unique version of it every night.

"I think that a dream is a weird manifestation of whatever you were thinking about when you went to bed. I guess we don't pay attention during dreams very much, so some people can't remember them." Some people. Not her. She remembered her dreams, and they were terrifying. "And sometimes people's brains will block a stressful or vivid dream, so that they won't get confused about what is reality." Ash wondered if that meant she had brain damage. She didn't see her brain doing that. Not fair.

"I paint my dreams sometimes." If she ever had one that deviated from the standard Flaming-Hogwarts dreams. Or if she had a particularly interesting standard Flaming-Hogwarts dream.
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