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The only thing Serena was looking forward to when it came to Divination was the stairs. It was her activity for the day. When she arrived, her nose wrinkled on its own accord. Ew. EWWW. Why did some professors have to be so weird here? Thank Merlin she experienced excellent education pre-Hogwarts at her grandmum’s school for young wizards.

An eyebrow raised at the poster, Serena already made up her mind. Nnnn-oooooo. None of that. Instead, she opted for a curt nod of her head and stepped inside the classroom. The weirdness only got weirder. Now they had to meditate?


Tossing her bad into the box underneath her chair, obviously already in a bad mood, Serena sat down and….

...Loud breathing. EYE ROLL. Serena frowned at the girl (Scarlett Mordaunt) beside her. Really? Did she have to over exaggerate this? Her eyes briefly drifted to the girl’s neck. If she decks her properly…

No. No. She was turning a new page in her behavior. If her mum and dad found out she decked a girl for breathing loudly, Serena would lose privileges to her goat. She couldn’t have that. Play nice, yes. Instead, she just grumbled. GRUMBLE GRUMBLE.
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