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Originally Posted by aRogueOne View Post

Laughing a little, Jude ran his hand through his hair again and just laughed a little, bemused at his own stupidity sometimes. Honestly, being a wizard was almost an afterthought sometimes. Like, he’d spent soooo long not using magic outside of one of the various schools he went to that now that he could actually use spells, it almost felt wrong.

“You know, you’d think I would have thought about that but nope. Didn’t even cross my mind at all. Thanks my man. Now all I need to do is decide if I want a snack”. Maybe ordering an ice cream would help his situation because the ability to actually do a cooling charm may or may not be beyond his ability. He was sure some teacher had tried to teach him at some point in his life but he’d most likely been too busy with er…something.

“I mean, not really. He’s a pain in the backside to be honest but you know, I’m a nice person”, an innocently sweet yet somewhat sarcastic smile crossing his face now. “It’s for my younger brother. He’s err…staying with me for a while and his cat just had a terrible accident”. Dipping his ever so slightly, the impish smile that was across his face was replaced by a slightly gloomy look. “Turns out sometimes it doesn’t matter if cats land on their feet. Anyway, I figured a little butterbeer might cheer him up”. Did he mention that the cat was fine and that if anything were to happen to it, it would most likely have been because of him? No? Ooops. Never mind. Okay, so technically, the cat was fine back in New York but a guy could hope, right?
Younger brothers, oh Leo knew all about them. "I have one of them, well not too much younger I guess, just four year younger, but still younger. Are you the oldest then?" He was assuming he was since he was having the brother move in, but maybe the brother was an adult and not a kid like Leo was thinking. "Animals can make people really upset, they get attached and things." He was attached to his little teacup yorkie that was at home waiting on him.

Moving to his cart he pulled out two small dishes of the ice cream samples. "These are on the house today and go fabulous with the butter beer, maybe this can cheer your brother up and give you a sweet snack too." He was flirting honest, okay maybe he enjoyed flirting with all his customers, it was just fun and seriously nice was something that could go a long way.

"So you have lived here long and your brother is just moving here or have you both lived around here?" Leo really had no where to go and the Alley seemed pretty lame today so he thought maybe he'd show some interest for awhile.
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