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Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Stepping closer to counter Aurora raised her brows as Conley let out a yawn that made what he tried to say to her unhearable. Crossing her arms she took in the information he provided. "Four dragons have been sighted." She repeated. "Iíll make sure to have a small team of hatchling experts with us for the trip to Norway then, in case the nesting dragon decides to give birth." Itíd complicate things surely, but nothing they werenít prepared to handle. Accepting the piece of parchment from the norwegian government, Aurora skimmed over the words before looking up at Conley thoughtfully. "Why is the norwegian government interested in potential eggs?"
"Black Market Value for eggs has skyrocketed recently. Apparently people have been trying to obtain them. Think they'd be good guard pets or some such fiddle faddle." He rubbed that spot between his eyebrows that usually meant he was getting stressed or a headache was coming on. "The Alliance's reach went farther then just the United Kingdom. People are still scared and some branches, well they are still running around trying to push their agendas." He wasn't sure he could blame them. He himself was having nightmares and was still worried that Alliance members, Goldwasser in particular, was still out there - somewhere. "And Templeton reported that eggs did go missing from the reserve. She wasn't sure if the nesting mother took them with or if someone else pocketed them."
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