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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Aibhilinn O'Hanlan-Draven
Seventh Year

This was going to feel weird...Divination class. She still couldn't believe what happened last year. No Kittradge...this was weird. Professor deserved better than the fate that was dealt. Making her way to the door, Aibhi noticed the poster on the door and she stops at the door for a moment. "Hmm..." Glancing over and seeing the new Divination teacher, Professor Euka, she entered the classroom giving a slight wave to Euka and for extra measure says, "Afternoon, Professor." in a soft tone before she walked to her seat towards the middle back and sets her things into the basket and looks around the class before facing forward in her chair and closes her eyes breathing in and out slowly and getting her mind and body relaxed. If there was one thing about Divination that she loved, it was just always how relaxed she was in the class no matter what the topic of discussion was in class.

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