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SPOILER!!: atlas, alfred, daniel, victoria
Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
atlas and professor schmoe were running on parallel lines at the moment and he merely blinked at the man a couple of times in confusion. It was hardly disrespectful to state a fact. The disrespectful thing would have been to tell a lie and that lie would have been that the first year was showing copious amounts of empathy which would have, in all likeliness, been met with praise for supposedly speaking highly of a peer. Funny how that worked out, wasn't it? How facts could sometimes be dismissed because they were the things one might not want to hear.

But it was a fact and an observation. This hufflepuff showed a real lack of empathy.

"you should tell that to him too," he replies to the professor rather pointedly, not about to go down alone for something that was honest. And also his mouth just wasn't in the mood to stop voicing the first thing that came to mind. "he called that girl..." and there was more pointing (this time at the first year slytherin girl) to help illustrate, of course. "...a cry baby which seems just as disrespectful and is a harsh assumption."

look at atlas, bringing it all together. Too bad he wasn't wearing aries nametag today.

So was he sorry for what he said? No, not in the least. Was that a lack of empathy? Could you even have empathy for someone who was displaying a lack of it?

His assumption came entirely too easily and since his brain was in full act first, regret later mode...he was quick to write it down and then place it on the table in front of the professor with a pleasant kind of smile.... And then he shuffled up the papers with both hands so it would be more difficult to know which one he had put down. was back to his seat.

Originally Posted by duckylinji View Post
there were many more questions he had wanted to ask the older gryffindor but it became apparent very quickly that he did not like that. Or like him for that matter…

not being liked did not upset the hufflepuff at all. He had gone years without making many friends and he could handle himself perfectly well.

He was getting upset however, when atlas began blatantly pointing at him and even using him as an example for someone who lacked empathy. Was it that bad that he wanted to know what had happened last year? What had happened to his brother?

”ok, first of all” he felt that he was getting angry but he wasn’t raising his voice. ”you don’t even know me!” none of them did not even lisa. But he liked lisa well enough so he would continue being nice to her. ”second of all, you have no idea what is going on between us! gellar is just as mean to me“ so why was he always getting the full blow?! This was unfair.

Properly upset now, the first year abruptly got up from his seat and stooped down to grab his bag. He swung it over his shoulder with enough force that showed that he was mad before he walked over to the other side of the campfire, leaving lisa and atlas to sit alone where he began writing down his assumption. One that had nothing to do about himself but rather about his hogwarts house because he was not going to share, even if it was anonymously, about himself.

SPOILER!!: assumption

that hufflepuffs are supposed to be nice and friendly.
Originally Posted by kayquilz View Post
wow. People had really strong feelings about empathy. It sounded, to victoria, that it was just trying to know what others were going through so you could, like, understand them better. V started to wonder if she had that. Did she ever feel bad for people? Maybe a little bit...she felt bad that lisa didn't like her eye color because she had an amazing eye color and yet she didn't realize it. She did not, however, feel bad for turning down lisa's lemon cookies.


V decided she would explore empathy later if it suited her. For now, she was interested in hearing what other people said. So many older kids were so smart and used a lot of words, and big ones. It wasn't that her parents weren't well-spoken, because at least her dad was, but it wasn't often she and her dad had deep conversations. Not lately. And her mum was far too busy to have deep discussions with.


She also wondered why people were openly questioning a teacher. She would have been yelled at (which didn't bother her, really) for that at her old school, but maybe that meant this man was a pushover. It certainly seemed that way so far. Interesting what someone could learn when being observant. But being that way was tiring, and v sighed a little to herself, her brain already moving on to something else of interest. She lost track of paying attention to others' answers until she heard daniel say that. And while professor schmoe had started class, and she really didn't want to interrupt him, she felt like she haddddd to say something.

But she didn't.

She shot him the biggest glare, balling her fists, and whispered to alfie, "i am not. Why'd you have to say that so loud?" she was not happy with him. Now daniel would know she cried at the feast. Merlin knew she didn't want him to know she cried on the train as well.

Well, this was the worst, and she could feel her eyes brimming again. She quickly held it together, though. She would not cry again in front of daniel!

serena mentioned a mustache potion, which did catch v's attention slightly. She would have replied that they should look it up and try to brew it together when joe-schmoe moved them on. And a second of those twins (she didn't know them apart yet) said daniel lacked empathy. So if daniel lacked it, v thought maybe she should start caring about other people because she just wanted to be the complete opposite of him. Because he was the worst. Yes. She was going to continue to call him that!

She wondered if she should be taking notes. Eh. Then she'd have to open up to the mean drawing, and she didn't want to feel mad all over again, so she just..........listened. And read off the board. And nodded a lot.

Now they had to write down an assumption. Oh...v had a lot. But she shot daniel one more ferocious glare before knowing exactly what she'd put. She scribbled it down in her neat handwriting and went to place it facedown as told. Following directions could be nice sometimes, she supposed. She was also still feeling quite in a reel about being new at hogwarts. It would be unwise to push her luck just yet!


And the twin was telling the whole class/the professor he had called her that. Why. Victoria felt completely humiliated. Her lower lip wibbled. She just missed her dog why was that suddenly something that made you a crybaby.


victoria ducked back to her desk, trying to figure out just how to rectify the situation, how to seem like not a crybaby, if she hated the twin or not, and how to get back at daniel. She quickly opened her notebook scribbled the words help me get revenge on daniel yoon. You seem smart. and tapped it to show serena.
Originally Posted by dumblydor View Post
alfred smiled back at lisa when she smiled at him for speaking up. Probably not a common event though. He loved drama and was a pretty dramatic person himself. His expression changed to annoyance when he turned to look towards atlas when he used daniel as an example of an unempathetic person. Calling someone that was probably hypocritical since it was unempathetic in itself. And it was indeed disrespectful to state facts sometimes. It would have been better if the second year hadn't said anything at all; the 'fact' was uncalled for. "she started it." he pointed towards victoria. "she said that daniel is the worst person she's ever met." he chose not to mention the portrait, because he only wanted v to be treated in the same and rather unfair, in his opinion, way that daniel was being treated, not even more than that. Despite that, he clearly and quite biasedly favoured daniel in this situation.

Alfred glared back at v when she angrily whispered at him. "i was only trying to help." and now she was near crying again. He rolled his eyes and turned back towards schmoe. She really needed to learn how to control her emotions. He skimmed over the other answers on the board before he grabbed the paper and wrote his answer. Wait, only one? He had an entire list ready. He wrote down only the first thing that came to my head. It was written in block writing as compared to his usual cursive handwriting so that it was somewhat anonymous.

Text Cut: alfred's assumption
arrogant + condescending

after he went and placed his answer face down on the pile, alfred decided to go and sit next to daniel in his new spot. He was angry with victoria for partly blaming him when he was only trying to help. He would have gone and sat next to lisa, but she was sitting next to atlas, who he was angry with for blaming daniel when truthfully, both of them were at fault. And so he sat directly next to daniel and crossed his arms, his face a mix of anger and boredom.

................... Ah.

Apparently Finneas had missed a lot while they were waiting for class to start. He looked from Atlas, then to Daniel, then to Victoria, and finally to Alfred as each of them took rapid-fire turns taking sides. Schmoe couldn't exactly say he missed this sort of drama, but it was a change in pace from what sort of issues they had to deal with last term. Both challenging for entirely different reasons, of course.

"That is enough," he tried in his steadiest voice, with as much firmness as he could muster. Discipline wasn't his forte, but this also wasn't his first rodeo. "We speak to our classmates with respect, please." Maybe he could have done without the please, but it was already out there. So er. AnYwAy. "Mr. Yoon and Ms. Geller, I'd like you both to come with me to my office after class. But we are dropping this until then, do you understand?" The you was for both of them. No more name calling p l e a s e.


Once that matter was dealt with and it seemed as though most of the assumptions were turned in, Finneas moved to pick them up and gave them a good shuffle or two. Then with a tap of his wand, he transferred all of the assumptions from the pile to the whiteboard.

Originally Posted by Assumptions
  • Just because I'm a pureblood, people think that I've had more opportunities to learn magic from an earlier age
  • Unfeeling
  • stupid
  • Intense
  • Detached + Arrogant
  • That Hufflepuffs are supposed to be nice and friendly.
  • Uncaring towards humans.
  • People assume I’m a crybaby.
  • My defiance means that I’m stupid.
  • Annoying, because I am a first year.
  • Lacking empathy.
  • Loner. No friends.
  • That I'm the happy cheerful one and I shouldn't feel any other way besides that.
  • Spineless
  • big nose
  • People assume that I'm quiet and content.
  • A coward
  • That I care what they think or what happens to them.
  • Unfriendly
  • people assume that I'm fake
  • Flaky
  • Crazy and weird.
  • Know-it-all
  • I don't say anything because I don't feel anything.
AHEM. Schmoe cleared his throat, and then waved his hands to get everyone's attention. "We'll be getting into the, er, meat and potatoes of our lesson shortly, but before we do I'd like us to look over the assumptions that were turned in by your peers." Despite some of the stylistic choices that were retained, the writing was now more-or-less uniform, making it difficult to match assumptions to people around the fire-less pit.

"How do you feel when people make these assumptions about you? How do you feel when you read the assumptions people have made about your friends and classmates?" He paused for a moment, fidgeting with his tie. "This can be a silent reflection, or er, if you feel inclined to share with the class, you may raise your hand." The important thing here is that they considered the questions at all.

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