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~ Mrs Steve Harrington ~ Friendly Neighbourhood Hufflepuff ~

All the while, Claudine had been dreading Divination. Was that how one was supposed to feel when their old Divination professor had been murdered? Had she been murdered by one of the Blazes? Had Claudine’s feelings towards all the happenings the reason she had failed the subject’s OWL with a D? So many questions, so little answer. “I just won’t think about that now,’’ the girl told herself and welcomed the distraction that popped up in the form of a poster and Euka.

Any form of actual contact was out for her so Euka would only be receiving a verbal greeting. “Good afternoon, Professor.’’ It was a warm greeting, even if Claudine’s eyes didn’t meet the woman’s. She made her way into the classroom, taking note of the instructions. Once her belongings were put away and she was seated, Claudine hesitated. Shouldn’t this relaxation method be taken just before the lesson began so that its purpose could work better?

Oookay then.

Best she got this over with before anyone else arrived. Feeling slightly idiotic, the Snaketter closed her eyes then took three deep but quick breaths.
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