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SPOILER!!: The artist!! :3
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
By the time young Lisa Nam had pretty much drowned in awe due to the Treehouse, Claudine had gotten a sketch of a tee shirt up on the page of her book. She was now in the process of working on a baby Yoda. The outlines of his huge, but admittedly cute, ears were taking shape. Heath was going to make a nerd out of her in no time, the rate that he was sharing all of his interests with her. Not that Claudine minded; she always was interested in the things Heath liked.

Absently, the sixth year tilted the rocking chair back, holding it in place with her feet which were planted firmly on the floor. And she continued to work. Until she was startled out of her wits, that is. Her feet slipped and the rocking chair righted itself. Excuse you. She had not been expecting company, least of all said company in the form of a shortie.

“Hello,’’ Claudine said, narrowing her eyes at the first year. “Do you usually sneak up on others like that?’’ Okay, she had felt the tap before she heard the voice but still… “I’m planning a design for a tee shirt,’’ she added stiffly. Was the Slytherin embarrassed about being startled? Yes. Ahem.

Lisa tilted her head, glancing up at the older girl and ignoring the older girl’s eye narrow. She figured the narrowing of her eyes was driven by the fact perhaps the older girl had less than impressive vision NOT the fact that she, Lisa, could be perceived as being rude for interrupting her. She was never rude. Just adorable with cruppy eyes and all. But nevertheless, she had tapped the girl’s shoulder before interrupting. “I did tap your shoulder before but you seemed very focused on your drawing...” she mentioned before casting her eyes at the older girl’s sketchbook.

Her face lit up immediately like a match striking the outside of the matchbox. Energy combusting within her as she realized just WHO this older girl was drawing And it was not Daniel Yoon!!. It was... “GROGU!!! She LOVED STAR WARS. She had her own lightsaber tucked away in her trunk. Did this girl also like Star Wars too? Was she a secret Jedi witch?!? The tiny Ravenclaw began fangirling and subconsciously began bouncing on her toes with excitement. She just couldn’t contain it. “Sorry for sneaking up on you.... ” She wasn’t too too sorry now. She was glad that she had but it was the polite thing to say if it wasn’t entirely true. “Are you a fan of Star Wars?
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