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SPOILER!!: lovelies
Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
OMG KATH *flails in your general direction* um. my insides are all melty from how EMO u made me just now adsfasdf first of all, I'm SO impressed by the way you did the twists 'n turns of the body. This looks like such a difficult thing to get down and YET HERE YOU ARE YET AGAIN OUTDOING YOURSELF.

Also Zoryn loves it so much and she is a very difficult child to please asdfasdf

GUH. Thank you for bringing whack-a-mole-inferi to life ;__; i LOOOOOVe this so much im weepin
THOSE TWISTS AND TURNS WERE SO HARD. Plenty of reference photos and it was a fun challenge. I need to push myself to draw more different body positions than just straight on. It means the MOST that you (and Zoryn) like it as I really wanted to capture her essence and that Gryffindor FIYAH.

Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
Oh, this is BEEYOUTIFUL and I love it. The little face is so emotive and the movement is perfect. Love.
and I love YOU thanks, Ern

Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
I LOVE IT SO MUCH TOO. I wish I'd managed to make Bernie run into Zoryn. The facial expression with the eyes and everything is top-notch.

I love this little happy corner of the internet.
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April & May Signature dump

inspiration SSRPG characters Gabrielle Lemaître, Kiera Aldredge, Thor Benoit, Sadie Kareless, Jericho Vertagren, Derfael Ashburry-Hawthorne, Kurumi Rasting (sweetpinkpixie), Atticus Aldredge (AlwaysSnapesGirl), Sienna Kareless (Wood'sLittleFlower), Chloe Kettleburn (Cassirin), Camilo Aguilar (Sunflower)
materials Adobe Photoshop Elements 9

I kept meaning to post some of these sooner (the final battle at Hogwars inspired a lot of graphic making and nostalgia) so here is a big dump of recently made character signatures some with new FCs, some who just needed new siggies, and some new debuts. I get especially soft about the Derf and Chloe one as I was able to replicate the feel of their first signature together when they were Head Boy and Head Girl together at Hogwarts but now with their new FCs and new profession. Sadie and Sienna as well with their previous FCs.

As you can see...I have a couple of go-to fonts that are everywhere on my graphics at the moment

Another fun thing to note is that the texture I used on the Thor siggies is the same just set to different settings as is the texture used on one of the Jericho siggies and the Aguliar siggy (I think one was Color Burn ... maybe) , so you can really change up your style by playing around. Don't be afraid to experiment! You'll stumble upon many happy accidents and many 'nopes but hey at least I know for next time's too

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