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Originally Posted by Dumblydor View Post
Alfred adored the library. He spent hours on end in his family's mansion library, reading anything from French poetry from the Middle Ages to the most recent of science books. He half-skipped to the library, intending to find an interesting book to read in his free time.

As he entered the library, Alfred slowed down to a walk and purposefully got lost in the labyrinth of books. He picked up an interesting looking book on potions before emerging into the heart of the library. He noticed fellow first year Daniel sitting at a table and went to sit in front of him, unintentionally blocking his view of the restricted section. "Hi." Alfred glanced over his shoulder towards the restricted section which Daniel seemed to be looking at. "The restricted section." He turned back towards Daniel. "I wonder what kinds of books are in there."
Taking out a piece of parchment from his bag as well as some writing material, Daniel dipped the quill in the ink and began to copy phrases and interesting symbols from his textbook while every now and then the Hufflepuff would look up to look in the direction of the restricted section.

”Hey” he said absentmindedly as Alfred took a seat right in front of him. Daniel didn’t mind though even when his view from the restricted section was blocked off. ”Probably loads of books about the Dark Arts” his dark brown eyes seemed to shimmer with curiosity. ”I want to see that room so badly” he whined as he leaned forward in his chair to place his face on top of the parchment on the table as he looked back up at the other first year. ”You want to find out?” he whispered, getting back up and being unaware that his cheek was now smudged with ink.
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