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Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post
Well, it was that time of year again when Leo got a little sad. He loved, loved, LOVED the summer with all the kids running and screaming around. His shop was busy every day and the excitement of the customers always rubbed off on him and his excitement would grow. Now that schools were back in session he found himself less busy and with more time to move around the alley.

On one of his walks during a nicer day, he decided maybe to try a new treat or even mix a treat with his own. He was after all pushing his little ice cream cart around to see if anyone would like some samples and free treats.

Stopping though he thought a butterbeer sounded quite refreshing.
Strolling through the South side of Diagon Alley, the New York native yawned as his eyes perused the windows and the things that they had on offer in a bored fashion. London was nice and all but it just wasn’t the same as New York. Everything just seemed so small. New York, it had this suffocating feeling that just made you feel safe and secure and you could get practically everything you needed within walking distance. It was perfect. Like now for example, back home, he could simply reach out and get a Butterbeer without even loo-…

“Butterbeer cart…noice”

Laughing a little to himself, he brushed some of his hair out of his face and headed over to the cart, curious if they sold one that would stay cold long enough for him to get home to the flat to give it to Cian. Poor kid was still moping around after his stupid cat.

Standing in the queue, Jude tapped the person in front of him who seemed to be an expert in all things cold, what with his ice cream cart near, and asked “Hey guy, you know if they sell ones that stay cold for a while?”
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