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Conely indeed, had been sleeping when Brody came in. He had only been marginally embarrassed by it too. Brody, bless his soul, probably was blaming Conley's daughter for his lack of sleep, when in actuality it was nightmares and phantom pain from his burns. He had taken a moment to gather himself together before gathering together his stuff for his 9 o'clock.

Still, he was rubbing an eye with his knuckle as he walked into the lobby. "Aurora," he said trying not to yawn. "Sorry for keeping you waiting. Brody, can you please get me some coffee." Yes, Brody, you heard that correctly. Coffee. Clearly his tea was not doing anything for him. "And then ah... owl Sachin that I forgot my lunch at home." And he did not want to face the [s]wrath of[/b] his husband's disappointment for not eating and so perhaps Sachin could drop it off. "Curdy should be around somewhere." No need to find a ministry owl if his own owl was around doing nothing.

A glance at Brody's desk showed papers everywhere. So Conley stepped up and used the top of his counter to set down the papers and files and passports in his hands. "So, we've reports of f-f-f-our," a yawn slipped out. He shook his head in an attempt to clear it. "Sorry. Four dragons in Lofoten, Norway. One might be getting ready to nest." He started riffling through one of the files, pulled out a piece of parchment with exaggerated flurry which he handed to her. "The government there is asking that we check for eggs once you have her in hand."
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