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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
"I like them too," he replied easily. "In theory." Yes, the clarification was necessary. "I'm not any good at them in practice though. My brain just can't seem to process things linearly." Or maybe it was his penmanship. Even if he were to manage lists, he probably wouldn't be able to read them. And thaaaaaaat's why Jackson Bole could never take up a job in academia. Not that he'd be any good at that either.

Something he was good at though? Laughing with people. Jack(son) wasn't the type to judge, that sort of thing never suited him, especially when someone shared something personal. Honora's coveted top-list-spot felt like something personal, y'know? "Oh, neat! Have you ever tried out one of her recipes?" Maybe they'd find one of Julia Children's books here.... Though, uh, once again, finding it would require Jackson to get back to looking.

But he was way too engaged in this conversation and Honra had piqued his curiosity again, so the book search would have to wait. "Yeah, of course!" Jack was an open book! (Pun, always, intended)
Liking lists in theory was something Honora had never even considered as a possibility. His point about linearity, though, was interesting, she thought. "Sometimes it's easier to consider the list like a bucket," she said thoughtfully. "Things grouped together by something in common, whether that's favoritism or necessity." Was she acting like a list expert? Maybe. Was that a job she could have? Did people need list experts for something? She would be very good at that.

Honora nodded. "Yes, I've tried a few when I helped out in the kitchen." Her stepmum's cook had returned from holiday, though, and she'd been promptly kicked out of the bed and breakfast's kitchen. And she wasn't complaining, it had been a bit much to handle scheduling of rooms and food. "My little sister is a bit of a picky eater though, so we can't experiment much." One of the reasons Honora was looking forward to moving out. So she could have her own kitchen and her own dinner guests, who would not have a six-year-old's palate.

She smiled in relief. She didn't much like asking people personal questions, but sometimes you did need to know about other people. And she didn't think of this as being nosy, but rather...well, she might be able to get some life plan ideas from Jack, if he had any good ones. "Do you have a job? Or--are in uni?" What had he been doing since Hogwarts, was all she wanted to know.

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