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Default Kalen and Chase!

"Life of the nerd indeed!" Anna chuckled although she was feeling tired just be listening to him tell her about his 'routine'. "I always thought using up mental energy made me more tired than using physical energy. You must be exhausted!" And she wasn't exaggerating! Aaaaand she nearly gave him what she knew would be some very poor advice - she was pretty sure she was the only one who found 'forget about the exams' to be a helpful thing to hear - but she managed to keep that to herself. No need to make him use even MORE brain power to argue with her about how important his studying really was. Poor bloke. That thought made her pat him on the leg a few more times for comfort, because MERLIN, that must be tiring. "And after you're done you can sleep for a whoooole week! I promise not to bother you too much then." She finished with her cheeky grin.

HA, the cheek! Anna scoffed at Chase's 'taller' comment. "Pretty sure you're the one who shrunk." She replied raising her eyebrows as if stating the obvious. Also, she couldn't help but laugh at his 'second in command' comment for no particular reason other than the fact he just made it sound so funny.

Aw, wouldn't this be a day filled with laughter for Anna? It really would. Here came some more with Kalen's funny way of announcing his going to buy the beverages. She smiled and watched him go for a few seconds before turning to Chase to fully listen to what he was saying.

WhAt! That was a LOT of news! Some Anna had heard through the grapevine, but mostly ones she didn't know at all. Her eyebrows shot back up and her jaw dropped a little at his finding-his-birth-mum story. "Are you going to keep in touch now or?" She asked. Aaaaaand then came the Maeve story. Hmmmmmmm, that one she partly knew. Sort of. Not really. She scratched the back of her head as he... vaguely told her some stuff. UuuUUuuUuuuhhhhhh... awkward. "Yeah, so I-- I heard." Not that Maeve and herself were as close as they were when in school - especially not during the previous year or two - but yeah, Anna kinda knew... stuff. "What uh... what happened there?" She caaaarefully asked, moving her hair behind her ear and watching her friend closely. She only knew one side of the story and she didn't want to make judgements based solely on that. Though... did Chase even know about... Maeve and theeee.... y'know... the baby and all.



"TWO albums!?!?" AND he's met his birth mum AND all of the other... stuff - eep. "No wonder you didn't keep in touch, that sounds like a LOT of stuff!" So... was it just her who wasn't crazy busy doing a million things all the time? Lol. Chase's and Kalen's lives seemed SUPER packed compared to Anna's Tornado's training schedule, EVEN THOUGH she did think she kept busy. Not THAT busy, apparently. Which was fine by her, to be honest, heh.

Speaking of Kalen, Anna grinned widely when Chase asked how they met. "It was actually a blind date, ha! Can you imagine!? Me going on a blind date! We went bowling and it was great and we..." She trailed off a little as she nearly said that they hit it off straight away but, although that would be technically true, they also took a good while to make things official, so could she even say that? Eh well, yes, she could! "...we hit it off... pretty much straight away and have been going out since!" There, it was all technically true, even though they took their sweet time to officially become boyfriend and girlfriend, they did keep seeing each other often from then on. There, not too odd to tell that story! "He's so great, Chase, he's just... great!" Anna could list a whole bunch of great things about Kalen, but she decided to not bore Chase as she knew those kinds of conversations were only fun for the person gushing about their partner, so she'd spare him of that. But Kalen really WAS great! The best, dare she say, yep. "Even though he's a Falcon's fan." She added jokingly. "And their mascot." Sorry, she couldn't help it, it was still too funny!
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