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Originally Posted by Waddles View Post
She liked lists? Yes, Honora supposed she did. It helped her stay on top of things. Shopping lists, to-do lists, reading lists... the list could go on and on. "Yes," she agreed with a smile. It really helped her with that organization she was good at.

She bit her lip to keep herself from grinning as well, at least he was laughing and not judging with her...well, her intent for holding the number one spot for something useful. And she was right, he'd never heard of Julia Child. She definitely wanted to be more famous than her, then. "Julia Child is a Muggle cook, she wrote a big cookbook," she explained simply. She glanced down at the two books she'd picked out. Two seemed like enough, for today at least.

"Can I ask you something?" It was unrelated to lists, or Julia Child, but...she was curious.
"I like them too," he replied easily. "In theory." Yes, the clarification was necessary. "I'm not any good at them in practice though. My brain just can't seem to process things linearly." Or maybe it was his penmanship. Even if he were to manage lists, he probably wouldn't be able to read them. And thaaaaaaat's why Jackson Bole could never take up a job in academia. Not that he'd be any good at that either.

Something he was good at though? Laughing with people. Jack(son) wasn't the type to judge, that sort of thing never suited him, especially when someone shared something personal. Honora's coveted top-list-spot felt like something personal, y'know? "Oh, neat! Have you ever tried out one of her recipes?" Maybe they'd find one of Julia Children's books here.... Though, uh, once again, finding it would require Jackson to get back to looking.

But he was way too engaged in this conversation and Honra had piqued his curiosity again, so the book search would have to wait. "Yeah, of course!" Jack was an open book! (Pun, always, intended)
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