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Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
Personally, Ash liked her own dad better, so she was fine not trading lives with the girl from town. She scrunched her nose. neglect was bad, but she personally preferred it to having someone who was a micromanager. "He doesn't hate that you're a Slytherin, does he?" If he did, she had some (un)kind words for him. "I wouldn't trade him for the world though- I might end up with someone strict or mean." And they all knew what happened when someone forced her to do stuff she didn't want to do. She exploded in a fiery ball of rage. Not a desirable outcome at all.
Ollie could feel her eyes fill with tears. This was embarrassing, she's crying at school again already?? Don't cry Ollie... Don't! she thought to herself. "No.. Well I don't know. I thought he would send me a letter but nothing so far." Deep inside she knew the truth, he didn't want her to be a Slytherin. But Ollie didn't want to face the truth: She had disappointed her father again. She was really fighting these tears now. She did NOT want to seem like a little kid in front of her older peer.
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