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Ollie's lip formed a pout "I'm really good at riddles" She kicked a small rock that was under her foot. It just seemed so unfair to Ollie that she wouldn't get the chance to change her house! What if she completely changes? Well that wouldn't make sense since she was sorted into Slytherin and to her understanding she wasn't one. She debated confiding in Ash about what Remy had said. After all, Ash seemed to give her honest opinion no matter what.

"No I haven't really met anyone in my house. Well I know V, but technically I met her before the sorting." She paused for a moment. She didn't want to get on Ash's bad side if she worded the question wrong. She was considered Ash a friend and hoped she felt the same. "Is there supposed to be something wrong with Slytherins? A girl I rode on the train with said her father was one and made a face. And my father refused to tell me about the house. Are Slytherin's often bad people?" She prayed the answer was no. She was sorted into the house.
"Me too, but I don't want riddles all the time. It's exhausting. And implies that people from other houses don't know how to do riddles." Why couldn't they have fingerprint authorization? It was cooler and more secure.

Ash bit her lip at Ollie's next question. Her mind flashed immediately to Claudine. Then Serena, who Ash was pretty sure was a Slytherin. "Nothing wrong with Slytherins. Claudine is a Slytherin." Therefore, Slytherins couldn't be inherently bad. They mostly just reminded her of sassy Hufflepuffs. "There are bad people in every house anyway." True. Cambridge called her a mudblood several times, and she was a Gryffindor. Logical reasoning. "That girl probably just hates her father. Well, my father's a muggle, and he isn't a good father. That doesn't say anything about muggles, does it now?" See? Logic.
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