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Ollie perked up. Being in a model for some drawings? How exciting! "Oh I'd love to!" She nodded her head. Ollie had tried to get into drawing, but after many, many, many failed attempts, she decided to give up. But to be a model in one sounded so fun. She moved closer to Ash's things and looked at the interesting bits and bobs she had gathered together. Many of these things Ollie had never seen before.

Now it was time to answer the other question Ash had asked. What did Ollie think about Hogwarts? "Well... It is sooo confusing" She let out a deep breath. It was! "Let's just say I was supposed to end up in the Library, but somehow I ended up here. This is like my third time getting lost today! And I got sorted into Slytherin and I can't figure out why!" It felt really good to let go of some of the things that were pent up inside. She hadn't really talked to anyone else since she arrived. Plus she was really missing home and her dad.

"cool. I'll paint you in then." Ash wondered if Ollie thought she had to sit there for like five hours. She didn't. Ash could remember a picture in her brain. Should she mention that fact? Nahhh... it would probably be fine. Ash took a mental snapshot and filed it away. Done. Now she could paint it.

"Oh. I guess we find different things confusing then. You're confused by all the physical stuff like houses and staircases, and I'm confused at how nice everyone is being! That's funny." It wasn't really funny at all, but Ash had a weird sense of humor. Besides, it was good to know that someone was also being afraid.

"Well, I think you're on the right floor for the library. Wrong side of the castle though." Well, Ash thought so. She never paid attention to directions, she just instinctively knew the route. "And houses- they're complicated. Very few people have their personalities set in stone as a first year anyway, and there is lots of individual variation. And some people's houses don't seem to make that much sense. I was a different person when I was eleven, and the only thing that makes me a Ravenclaw is that I think about the consequences of my bad decisions before I make them." She laughed. "It doesn't really matter though. A bad decision is a bad decision. And there are good and bad people in every house, so sorting people based on one trait is kinda arbitrary. I don't know why Ravenclaws have to answer riddles to get into our common room. Not very secure, and just because I'm supposedly in the 'smart house' doesn't mean I wanna answer riddles all the time." She rolled her eyes. They should just ask for fingerprint scans instead. They could pretend that they were secret agents in a secret hideout. And the common room would be protected from people in other houses who were just really good at riddles.

"You're a Slytherin, then? Have you met Claudine yet? She's my favorite." Her most favorite mom friend. Ollie was lucky she Claudine in her house. Super lucky.
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