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Group Therapy... big nope for Charlie, and apparently every other student from last year who was over the age of 13. She glanced around at all of the other lack luster faces. This was absolutely one of the very last places she wanted to be. Why group therapy anyways? She had been seeing one per her parents mandate since they were considerably concerned with her mental health after crying by a river over the summer. Hey it was early on she figured it out.

Glancing at healer Poppy and all the bread she snatched a small piece of some cinnamon bread and took a seat near the back like Florrie so she could easily run when this was over or if it got too intense. Trent couldn't fault them and kick them out for it being too much could he? Although that stupid board of regents or whatever nonsense thought they needed the counseling. Adults thinking they knew everything yet again.

Please insert biggest huff and eye roll from one Charlie Rivers.
Today would be unbearable she could feel it.
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