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Mandatory therapy session sounded boooooooorrrriiiinggg to her buuuuut it was mandatory so she had to go. She saw it on the notice board which meant it was official and she didn’t want to let her HoH down. Aaaand she had heard that there may be snacks offered or so that was the whispers she heard around the castle. So she motivated herself to get there and told herself as she walked that she wasn’t really here to talk feelings and all ... she was here just for the food.

She found her way to the Great Lake, joining the crowd of students, Healer Poppy, and Professor Kazmi. She eyed the older group of students, suddenly finding herself feeling very nervous about being in such a big group. She glanced down at her feet, wishing she had her bright pink gum boots on. With those on, she could do anything. Too bad she was wearing black lifeless ballet shoes.

Her stomach let out a grumble, reminding her of her mission. That’s right she was here for food! Foooooood glorious fooooood!

Her ‘meh’ mood quickly changed when she saw the treats ahead of her. Food ahead!! And it smelled delicious. Now she couldn’t decide which treat she wanted banana bread, melon bread, strawberry bread and more! So so so oh so many options!! Her eyes were bigger than her stomach as she took two pieces of bread. She glanced over at the Healer, smiling sheepishly. “Morning.” she said before taking the goods with her to the circle. And Liss couldn’t handle it all so she popped a piece of bread in her mouth to make sure she could carry everything.

Soon enough she found an open seat near her older brother and sat near him, noting that he had MELON BREAD. Whaaat? Lisa momentarily forgot that she had a piece of bread in her mouth and then caught it as it dropped. Whoops. She glanced to her left and then to her right so see if anyone saw. That was..... her cheeks flushed. But anyway- MELON BREAD??? She hadn’t seen that! She got her cruppy eyes ready to use on him. “Evaaan..... my favourite Ravenclaw brother... I’ll trade you half a banana bread for a melon bread?
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