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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
The Treehouse seemed like a good place for her to work on Heath’s birthday present.

After climbing the stairs, Claudine opted to sit in the veranda on one of the rocking chairs. So, removing her bag from her shoulder, she sat feeling like an old woman. The girl took a moment to enjoy the view. It really was something. Williamson had undone himself.


There was work to be done.

Who could believe the boyfriend was turning seventeen soon? Certainly not her. But his coming of age was a fact and Claudine had decided she wanted to design something special for him. That DIY shirt kit she had bought in Diagon Alley that summer would certainly come in handy. But first, Claudine wanted to sketch her idea out. That was why her sixth year sketch pad was on her lap and her pencil was in hand.

To work she got.
There was a GIANT treehouse and NONE of her siblings had told her?!?? THE. AUDACITY!!!!!!!!!

The youngest Nam pretty much figured out just by dying the magnificent structure that this would be her secret hideout chaotic lair where she would conduct all her business!! where she would come relax after classes. She hated heights (it was an irrational fear, of course) but she was sure she would overcome it.

But fiiiiirst..... she had to climb that ladder.

Was it worth it?

Obviously it was. Curiosity drove her to climb up the ladder. She took one step at a time and didn’t dare to look down to notice that it would be a long way back to the ground. It wasn’t the act of falling that terrified her- it was the act of landing or crashing into ground. Gravity was just an accomplice.

Now at the top of the ladder she saw the wooden treehouse in all of its glory. It made her a little sad when she looked at it because the style of the house reminded her of camping trips from this past summer with the fam. How she kissed her Eomma and Appa right now. And Noah too.

Lisa scanned her surroundings, looking for a familiar face at all. She couldn’t find anyone that she recognized but did find an older girl who seemed to be busy working on something. Curiosity, once again, got the better of her and she BOUNDED over to the girl to see what she was working on. It seemed like she was writing or drawing- she couldn’t tell what exactly.

She gently tapped the older girl’s arm- she couldn’t quite reach her shoulder because she was only 4 ft 2 herself. “Watcha working on?
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