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She didn't need therapy. She didn't need to talk about her feelings or how it affected her or about how everyone got butt hurt because she said 'mudblood' or the fact she thought it was DUMB to ban the word. She'd have used it anyway hadn't seen the Headmaster blow up yet.....and didn't know if he was just another Rosier. Until she could figure that out, the Third Year was treading cautiously with all her castle endeavours--including this one.

Mandatory, in her experience, didn't tend to mean she had a choice. On the off chance they were taking register, she didn't want to have her name not signed off. For all she knew THAT would get her MOAR therapy.

Just. No thanks.

"If she really wanted to help, she'd get me a boyfriend without it offending at least half my friends at any given time." Emmerson huffed to her friend, flopping down beside Kinsay and thus Teddy on her other side. "Otherwise, I don't see how this'll help literally anything." Emm had had therapy over the summer. She wasn't any more sorry now than she was then. She wasn't tremendously traumatized because no one she cared about, her family or her friends, was gone. Bad things happened, she didn't care.

"I have fresh cinnamon bread, too." She said, offering some to Teddy in case he didn't want the banana bread.

Mmmmmm. The only good thing about this session, yummy bread.
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