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~ Mrs Steve Harrington ~ Friendly Neighbourhood Hufflepuff ~

Her district for this Healer had not dwindled over the summer. But that was why one Claudine Blaze was joining those gathered there so far: to observe the woman. Well, that and the fact that this stupid…whatever it was happened to be mandatory. But gosh. Wasn’t that a lot of bread? Was that banana scent that wafted towards her? Yes. Yes, it was. With difficulty, the sixth year resisted the urge to stop and grab some, instead making her way towards Ashley. Claudine practically ignored everyone else, especially the new Divination teacher for reasons.

“Hi, Ash.’’ Wait. Why was that banana bread scent even stronger here, where she sat on the free chair next to Ashley? Claudine peered around and quickly located the source. “That’s a lot of banana bread, Kinsay,’’ she observed casually. Did the Gryffindor actually trust the Healer to be eating those goodies?
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