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Kinsay did not want to be here. She had everything under control. Occasional moments of panic aside, she was still the same, silly Kizzy from before, even if it took a lot more energy now. She didn't need group therapy sessions with a stranger. She was a mother now. She knew things. So while she did understand the benefits that therapy might have for her peers, she was firmly certain that it would do absolutely nothing for her. If she wanted to talk to an adult about this stuff, she'd just mirror call her dad. It was really that simple.

And yet here she was because some old men on an ancient Board of Governors said she had to be. Couldn't they see that this would only make things WORSE?! Kinsay didn't want to talk about any of it. She wanted to move on! This would only make her friends sad, which, in turn, would make Kizzy sad. It was awful. And the only thing that made it better was the abundance of bread that she could stuff her face with so she wouldn't have to talk. So after grabbing as much banana bread as she could carry, the Gryffindor made her way to sit right next to her older brother, Teddy. She munched on a tiny piece, before holding one out for him. "Bread?" Maybe he hadn't seen the snacks. Good thing Kins had taken enough for both of them.

She didn't bother greeting anyone else either. Not Healer Poppy (who she unjustly blamed for the Board's new mandates), not Ashley (who Kinsay still felt so uncomfortable around for... reasons), and not Professor Euka (who Kiz couldn't help but compare to Professor Kitridge).
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