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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Ashley "Ash" C. Fox
Third Year

Ash did not trust the "board of governors" or "Healer Poppy" or really anybody else to know what she did or did not need. As a consequence of that, she resented this whole 'therapy' idea. She'd go when she was ready, and until then, she was not going to admit anything. Especially not in a group of her peers. No thanks. She didn't need a therapist, she needed her boyfriend, her brother, and her home.

Ash took a seat in the inner ring of chairs and crossed her legs and arms. Closed-off body language. She did not bother to take any food or greet the healer. This wasn't a party. She didn't have to socialize. She looked at Healer Poppy mistrustfully. If the name "Ashley" came out of her mouth in a patronizing way, Ash was leaving. She was also leaving if she heard "Ash" in a patronizing way. Actually, if anything patronizing was said at this meeting, Ash was leaving. And 'patronizing' was a broad term. Ash was literally looking for a reason to leave.
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