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Originally Posted by Sangeetha View Post
I read it when I was going through a rough patch in RL and it was such a wonderful pick-me-up!

I have read 'Anxious People' too! I actually loved it more than I loved 'A Man Called Ove'. It is soooo beautiful. And it's like comfort food. Alllll my heart!!!!
I'm SO glad it was able to do that for you.

Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
I'm going to have to second this !!! I loved Anxious People even more than A Man Called Ove - the vibe was totally different, but it's suuuuuuuch a good read !!!!!

I also recently read My Grandma Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry by Backman and it definitely didn't measure up to the other two (in my opinion), but I still found his writing style to be super enjoyable and ended up liking it by the end the heartwarming vibe has been present in all of his books that I've read so far!
I'm definitely going to have to check that Anxious People is on my TBR after hearing what you two and so many others have said about it! Heart-warming comfort food sounds like my kind of book.
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