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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
For the record, Eiji was still NOT sporting any flobberworm tattoo anywhere on his body and had precisely zero plans in ever doing so. Hopefully Eloise had grown bored of spreading that rumor around. He really did not need the entire Magical Law Enforcement department thinking he did OR for that nonsense to spread to grandpa.

The cheek kiss was nice, pleasant even, and he found himself not bothered by it in the moment. He even cracked a smile, which was more of a smile than a smirk for once in his life, as he passed over the pot to her. "The flobberworm might take issue with being called sweet and little in the same sentence," he pointed out casually before shaking his head to toss some of his hair away from his face. He probably should think about getting a trim again soon, but he preferred to have his hair longer. It suited him.

"Yeah," he nodded, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly and feeling borderline mortified as the next words began dripping from his mouth. "Mum packed bentos ... for us both. I've got them in my bag. She is doting now that she has both me and Rebecca home." Which also reminded him he had something else to deliver that he fished out of his bag now and revealed another box. "And she wouldn't take no for an answer...and says these are for you and your a thank you for all they have done since...since all this started. And to congratulate Mr. Upstead on his promotion."

Cookies. What else?

The woman was truly insufferable at times if not downright embarrassing.
Missa ... cracked up and actually laughed out loud. A thing she was usually very careful about whenever she was around this department. But she just couldn't help herself. It was cute. He was cute. "I apologise, Mr Rasting" she quickly said, before trying to compose herself and looking around to make sure no one had actually heard that ... laugh of hers.

His next words amused her as well, though it warmed her heart more. After fighting alongside Mrs Rasting - Missa felt she had a different kind of bonding with the woman. There was a different kind respect she felt for her. "That was very thoughtful of her" she smiled before raising a brow at the box he handed her next.

Oh dear.

"......and this is very generous of her. I'll make sure everyone gets these when we come back" Sure, she'd be the soon to be Auror handing out cookies - that was okay. That was just fiiiiine. And not embarrassing at all.

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