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Jake had the sneaking suspicion Genevieve James was implying that the interview had been his fault. Alright, yes, he had called Fletcher here when that had not been entirely necessary, or even protocol. It had been a lapse of judgement where the execution of the interview was concerned, but Jake didn't totally regret that course of action. The wisest thing was to go to a higher up, and Fletcher was as far as it was possible to go right now. And yes, this wouldn't have been an issue had it not been for his very own child, who came not only from Jake's genetics but also his child-raising non-abilities. Becca too, but she was faultless, especially where the kids were concerned, and no mistake.

He could take responsibility for Nemesis, because they were his child - his dependent - but that was it. Jake's natural response here would have been to figuratively rear up, get defensive, but by the grace of Merlin he kept his temper, uh... tempered.

"It- it could have gone better," he agreed, rubbing his chin and looking over at James. "But it is adding up a bit more now, and there was some useful information in there. Even-..." Jake trailed off, abandoned the sentence entirely. "... I'll bring them back in, when things are less... tense." The glance he shot between James and Fletcher was not exactly pointed, but was hardly subtle either. He wasn't just talking about the two of them, but Nem and whatever state they were in at the moment. Regardless of Jake's concerns, if this Rosier bloke really had his claws in them for so long... actually, if his suspicions were true, that almost seemed worse. Fletcher was right; the kid was going straight into counselling. "They'll help with these other suspects, I'm sure."

That was a lie. Jake wasn't sure of anything. He still wasn't even certain if his child was a hero or simply a murderer, or why that thought didn't destabilise him in the way he thought it ought to. It barely seemed real, though maybe that was because it was all hitting a little close to home, in more ways than one.

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