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Originally Posted by DuckyLinJi View Post
He listened carefully as Victor spoke about the condition of his eye and he noted that he appeared calm despite what he was saying. Was it a facade or was he truly that mentally strong? “I feel i would rather lose my eyesight as well if it meant freedom of our world” he agreed."I'm glad the children at Hogwarts are relatively safe now as well" The psychological torture they must have gone through. He was glad that his son had already graduated before Rosier had taken over. “Better to lose your eyesight than your life....” Something he had been very close to losing. All of them were of course. Getting in to battle you had to understand and be prepared for what could happen but he would be lying if he said that he wasn't glad to have survived.

And his reason of survival was seated right in front of him. At least that was what he could remember before the lights went out.

Daichi realized he had been wrong to judge Victor’s appearance with his profession because having been TA for Wandlore, Mermish and Cryptozoology was really something. AND he had been a freelance illustrator as well? Daichi could not even draw a stick figure T___T. "What is your favorite thing about working for Stemp House?" gosh that sounded like an interview question.

Merlin's Beard. Finger guns? It seemed that this man had no embarrassment what so ever. But Daichi did and as Victor left the table he took a quick glance around to see if anyone had seen but everyone seemed to be lost in their own conversations.

“There is not much to tell” he took a chip from the basket that had been placed on the table and took a bite. “I was born and raised here in England. Attended Hogwarts , Slytherin House. Chaser for the Quidditch team and Prefect which is not as impressive as it sounds. In fact i was terrible at leading the school" He laughed but there was a hint of bitterness in it. He still had some regrets.

"After graduating i worked several small jobs before i began to work at the media liaison at the Minister’s Office ” He took a sip from his drink now. “I adopted a son with my partner but he left us a couple of years ago” leaving him to take care of his son but luckily he had a wonderful supportive family. “I quit my job at the Ministry to work at a farm for my own peace of mind. Sure it was hard work but i find the countryside to be very charming” he smiled briefly, reminiscing on the past as he had truly loved his job. It had given him a stronger mental and physical health.

“I worked there during the time that my son went to Hogwarts until i decided to change things up again” He had to change up his work experience from time to time or else he’d get too bored. “I started working for Ministry again a couple of months ago and surely i had to work for a Department Head who was a Neo-Alliance member” he drank the last bit of his cherry drink in one big gulp, obviously he was still frustrated about this.
The Spaniard had certainly not meant for this reunion to be so heavy, but he supposed it could not be helped given the aftermath of war. It was a page that needed to be properly written and read before it could be turned. He and Daichi were simply writing their page now, Victor more than willing to add the illustrations. "And we both are here now," he smiled with a friendly hand to the other man's shoulder. "That is the important thing." Victor still had things he wanted to address with Daichi, but this was enough for now. Until they had their chips, that is.

His new friend would come to know that these dabblings came from Victor being very restless and unwilling to settle. While he may have extensive knowledge, he would not consider himself a true expert in all of them. He knew enough wandlore to secure a temporary assistant role in Ollivanders, though that came through a Stemp House connection as well, and languages had always been an interest to him so Mermish had come naturally with his interest in all things aquatic. Plus it came in handy for travel arrangements. But such discussion was for neither here nor there, especially in light of that particular question. "Having a family," he replied easily, the pride in his chest rising up higher and adding a twinkle to his eyes.

Relaxing into his seat a bit more, Victor picked up a crisp and then pulled a little bottle of Tabasco from his pocket to drip on to it before popping it into his mouth. He would absolutely protest the notion of there not being much to tell, everyone had a story worth telling, but instead he remained quiet and offered Daichi his undivided attention. "I do not know much about Hogwarts myself, save for what I hear from my students and girlfriend. I do have several students who were sorted into Slytherin and from what I can tell it is a very ambitious house, perhaps the sort of house to draw those in who have high expectations unto themselves and may judge themselves for not being more." Something that seemed very much echoed right now in Daichi's words. "I would not judge your past self too harshly. It is hard for a teenager to lead themselves let alone an entire student body. Though true not all paths are meant for us, it is all a part of the journey." He paused a moment to take a sip from his drink. "I myself...did not finish school...not in the traditional sense. I attended Ilvermorny as a Thunderbird and I suppose you could argue I finished as I sat my exams, but I left as soon as I had and lead the life of a lone vagabond for about five years before settling down anywhere long term." Higher education was even muddier. His stay and attempt to ground himself somewhere even more so.

That twinkle in Victor's eyes brightened at the mention of adoption. It was something Victor yearned to do and yet could not bring himself to do for fears so deeply rooted in himself he was certain he may never untangle. Minerva...would make for a great mother and it would love to give that to her somehow. There was a subconscious wince at the mention of Daichi's partner leaving father and son, something that stung Victor's memory greatly, but quickly suppressed the memory of those tears. "What is it like, being a father?" he found himself asking despite the more natural progression of conversation being to focus on the Neo Alliance and the fact that Daichi had survived that ordeal. "How is he coping with all of this?"

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