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Originally Posted by kayquilz View Post
For reasons Aboli knew but couldn't quite figure out, she felt nervous about meeting up with Josh today. Was it because they hadn't spoken for a year? That she had changed in such a short time? That she little these days? Nervousness was actually somewhat exciting because it was something. Her emotions were slowly coming in from the dam, but she really needed the wall holding everything back to implode already. The spurts of emotions here and there were getting old, and she just wanted everything to feel normal again.

What even was normal?

She had taken to not wearing her gloves just to feel things. It was nice, being able to duck into someone else's heart when her own felt so numb. Her therapist AND mentor both said this was not the best idea, so Aboli tried to minimize it. She was wearing her gloves today, too, but she would take them off at some point to show Josh the tattoo.

That had been a nice feeling as well. She could see how people got more than one, and she was already planning the next. Maybe as she, Minjae, and Noah traveled, she'd get a different one in every place they visited. Was that obscene? Maybe.

Her stomach bubbled with anxiety as she stepped into the music shop, unsure of where to head to first since a quick scan of the store revealed Josh wasn't there yet. Her shoulders slumped slightly, and she tucked her back-to-brown hair behind her ears.
Josh was not superstitious, but something he couldn't help but feel like he was jinxing himself. Like right now as he stepped into the shop to meet up with Aboli. Sure, it was not uncommon for Josh to find himself here and it was one of his favorite shops in all of the Alley, but it carried a difference weight now. Someday, maybe even someday SOON, his own merch might be here in this shop...and just thinking that made him feel like it was never going to happen. It had only taken him half a year to get used to recording in a studio setting, not that he had been an absolute disaster the whole time or else the label would have dropped him like a hot potato, and it was in learning the mechanics behind everything that the former Gryffindor discovered just how much of a perfectionist he was.

Maybe that wasn't surprising to others since he did have high standards for himself and could come down pretty relentlessly on himself...but it was more than just those standards. He wanted his hands on literally every part of the process. Thankfully it was an acoustic album in the works, something that was apparently "risky" and not advised, but that was his sound. If he crashed and burned at least he would do it being himself. A year out and he was still riding that high.


Spotting Aboli, Josh quickly made his way over to her and would have thrown his arms around her in a hug ... if it hadn't been for her letter. He was not sure if such gestures would be considered uncomfortable and unwanted given what all she had just been through. Trauma manifested itself differently in everyone and while he did not want to treat her like she was a piece of glass, he certainly didn't want to push boundaries she may not even be fully aware she had constructed. Best to just take his cues from her.

"Well...what are the odds. The one and only Aboli Song. Fancy meeting you here," he greeted as he came up to her side, super casual and his untamed curls bouncing freely with his stride.

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