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SPOILER!!: Ashley & Claudine ^_^
Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
SPOILER!!: it's a spoiler! Hi Claudine and Vitani

"Yeah. And I'll have my own ship. And I'll walk around looking cool, smart, pretty, and generally just awesome." Ash smiled. She could picture it. What a great dream.

"Sure. Bracelets are cool." People sent messages in bracelets. Maybe she should. Then people would able to tell how she was feeling based on the bracelets, and not ask her irritating questions about if she was okay and if she had gone to therapy and if she was happy. "Bracelets are cool."

But Ash was already distracted. Because the shopkeeper was handing her a temporary tattoo kit! Mwahahaha. "Yep, I'm so getting this." She was gonna give her brother one. And her boyfriend. And a few other people. Hehehe. She could MAKE her own tattoos. Hehehe. She looked at the box with eyes of literal love. Then she looked at Claudine. Then Vitani. Then back at the box. Best. Day. EVER.
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SPOILER!!: Vitani & Ashley! <3

Claudine could picture it too: Ashley being the cool pirate and all. They just needed to get her a parrot to wear on her shoulder. Maybe it could even be animated to squawk out a few phrases. Claudine blinked. Just look at her, planning Ashley’s costume for Halloween. The older girl had certainly changed, hasn’t she? A year ago, it wasn’t something that she’d dream of doing, yet here we were.

“Bracelets are cool,’’ Claudine agreed. Now she and Ashley had something else to occupy their time for a bit. Oh! There were more kits? That made sense. “Do you think I can see a few more?” A bit extra to choose form wouldn’t be a bad thing. She said nothing else for now for the younger girl was completely distracted. The good kind of distraction, that is. Merlin knew Ashley needed it after all that calamity at Hogwarts. Grinning a bit, she watched the girl get excited all over the temporary tattoo kit.

Vitani beamed. Somehow she had a feeling this young lady (Ashley) would like a tattoo kit! “You’ll have to save one of your designs to show me,” she said. “If I like what I see, I just might pay you a commission to use your design in my shop.” And no, that was not a false promise. Vitani Kama had no time for dishonesty! Her years spent in this tattoo shop reminded her how much she enjoyed giving back to the community, so she was willing to help out young artists - young artist who were willing to work for their successes, unlike the former student who betrayed her - and she could tell by this one’s enthusiasm that she would put in the work.

Her head turned as the older girl (Claudine) spoke to her, and she nodded, “Yes, of course,” she replied. That question reminded her she still needed to unpack and display the boxes of kits she had in the back room, so she decided to kill two fwoopers with one stone, so to speak. With a wave of her wand, she summoned three boxes from the back room; they landed at her feet with a soft thump. “If you like designing jewelry, we also have an earring kit and a necklace one,” she said, opening the middle box and setting aside one of each kit. “Then we have the temporary tattoo kit like your friend has -” She opened the box on the left and produced another temporary tattoo kit.

Opening the box on the right, she added, “And we also have DIY apparel kits for hats, bags, and t-shirts.” She picked up one of each apparel kit and set it aside. While she waited for the girl to make up her mind, she began to carefully arrange the kits in the boxes in a pyramid shape near the front of the store, starting with the apparel kits on the bottom.

SPOILER!!: Aboli
Originally Posted by kayquilz View Post

Aboli nodded, not really responding as she ducked inside the actual tattoo parlor.

And man....

It was beautiful. Her mind raced, thinking to all of the photographs she had of her biological father. When she was younger, she could remember him so clearly, but now...she only remembered him if she had a vivid dream where he was present. But right now, seeing a parlor in all its glory, she was reminded of him, of her desire to be covered in tattoos one day. Why did she want to be like him at all, and why in this way alone? She could see the appeal of it, though, and she shivered slightly at the temperature.

"OH. Right. Something simple for my first one..." she said softly as she sat in the chair. "The same design we had discussed when I made the appointment. This one." She held up the picture of the snake and pointed at the spot above her wrist. "Here."

As Vitani arranged her supplies on the cart, she glanced back at her client. Unable to see into her mind and know what she was really thinking, she thought the young lady was simply entranced by the oceanscape mural. She could understand why. While it wasn’t her personal art style, it was beautifully done… which was why she chose to keep it when she took over the shop. She hadn’t the heart to erase another artist’s hard work!

“Of course,” she replied, nodding. She recalled the design they had discussed before, even before Miss Song handed her the sketch, but she had to ask. Clients changed their mind all the time! “I take it simple means a plain tattoo with no magical effects? And your color preferences - are they the same ones used in this sketch?” Vitani knew the questions could be tiresome, but she needed to know exactly what the client wanted before she began.
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