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Originally Posted by Emzily View Post
Remy's eyes opened at her response, suddenly much more interested in the conversation. "Oh? You've already been to Hogwarts?" Clearly was older than Remy had first suspected. It was cool to hear about Herbology. She didn't have much knowledge of it, but she was certainly more excited for that subject as opposed to others. "I think I'd enjoy Herbology, too!" She smiled.

"Nice to meet you, too." Remy smiled as she picked up the Talking Toadstool and tucked it under her arm.

"Are you going to buy anything??" It would be interesting to see what an actual Herbology student-whizz-whatever was going to buy.
Lia nodded, not at all surprised by the look on the girls face. She was a bit small for her age and she knew it. "I'm going to be a second year." Not that she really wanted to return to Hogwarts after last term but she wasn't going to bring that up with someone she only just met. "If you enjoy muggle plants and gardening then you most likely will enjoy Herbology as well. I'd be happy to show you around the greenhouses and things when the term starts if you like?" It would give her something nice to look forward to.

Lia smiled. "The only thing I'd recommend with those is if you get more than one is to make sure to plant them far enough apart so they don't annoy each other." Yes, talking toadstools could actually start to bug one another with their chatter!

"Probably?" she giggled. "I usually do whenever I'm around plants. I just can't help myself even if I don't actually need anything." What she was going to get today she really wasn't sure of yet.
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