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Originally Posted by aRogueOne View Post
Sitting on the grass next to the swing set, Ingrid Luck sat with her legs stretched out in front of her in the sunlight. Usually, she could be found jumping around on the miniature model of Hogwarts or even swinging on the swings but surprisingly that was not the case today. No. Today, she could be found sitting on the floor, her mind half on the grass underneath her and the marks it would no doubt leave on her new violet, flowery summer dress and the other half on the book that was now practically pressed up against her nose. Ever since her trip to Madam Primpernelle’s, there had been a subtle change in how she looked and the kind of books she was reading. For one thing, she was wearing a dress, something she’d never have done before and her long, brown hair was also so straight that it was practically down to her the small of her back and not at all in its usual, convenient ponytail.

With the book pressed up to her nose, she was oblivious to the world and the people around her but that was how she liked it. Some of the kids in her year loved quidditch or wizard’s chess but not her. She could lose herself in a book and be gone for a whole day without realising the sun and risen and set. Today was not one of those days though. Even with it close to her face, every so often her eyes would wander to the environment and the people around her on the lookout for her brother who no doubt would be around to get her when he’d finished doing whatever it is that 13-year-old boys do in Diagon Alley. Most likely eat ice cream until they explode.
Kaira was taking a stroll in the Diagon Alley. She had been left in the playground as her sister Laila had to run some errands for her boss. For a while, she hung around the swing set. She looked around and found nobody she knew.

Walking cross the playground, her eyes fell on a girl who looked about her age. Time to meet new people? She approached the girl and said 'Hi!'
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