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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Oooh, questions!

Lia smiled sweetly, shifting her gaze from the toadstools onto the girl near her. "These ones right here aren't poisonous at all. Nor do they bite. So you can touch them safe without having to worry to much while doing so. Are you looking into getting some?"

Toadstools weren't high up on the list of favorites but being a lover of all plants and flowers, she knew quite a lot about them. So she was fairly certain she could answer at least most questions the girl might have on them.
"Oh." Remy bluntly replied. She hadn't expected the girl to know so much about the toadstools, since she didn't look much older than her. "You sound like you're good at Herbology." She observed. Showing her trusting nature, Remy reached out and gently poked one of the toadstools. Rightly so, the toadstool didn't bite her, or kill her.

"Thanks." She smiled. Remy was definitely in love with this particular toadstool she had poked, and she thought it liked her, too.

"I'm Remy." The blonde nodded, and looked at the girl expectantly to hear her name.
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