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Originally Posted by Watson View Post
What did one say at a reunion of old friends? Something along the lines of an awkward wave and a “Hi. It’s me... ZukoSimon.” Then he would hand the bag of diapers over to Ethan. He always had more on him especially after rhe letter he and Bianca had received from him and Josie.

Simon Holden was a mix of emotions. Excited to see his mates and catch up, terrified that they would all be too sleep deprived (cause parenting was tough), saddened because of Caleb Newell’s passing, and nervous that they’d see the start of his graying hair. Ok. So his hair wasn’t graying JUUUUUUUST yet but he could have sworn that he found one this morning and asked his beautiful wife to look for it. She couldn’t find it at first but then got her tweezers and said she removed it.

....Turns out it was a mundane brown looking hair that matched the rest of his hair. Whoops? Paranoia, much? Big oops. And of course, he had failed at keeping the stiff upper lip and had ended waking up poor little Artie from his nap. Yes. He was certainly sleeping on the couch tonight. Perhaps.

He pushed the doors open to the Leaky, stepping inside, and pausing just in front of the door to take a deep breath. Smoothing his jacket, he checked his watch before heading into the pub to look for his mates. He would be precisely on time to this reunion. Not one minute early or two minutes late. Sharp.

The mixed emotions flew out of him as soon as he saw Ethan with Zander and a smile lit up his face. “G’day. Is this the Father Support Group?” he half-joked with a smirk as he came closer to the two. “Good to see you, mates.” And yes, they weren’t getting away without a couple bromantic hugs.
Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
Y'know, it took him a minute, but when he realized the voice was addressing HIM and that it was Ethan Mordaunt who was asking about his knickers, Zander Adair started cheesing real hard. "Ethaahaan," he wasted no time in standing up to do just as he was told. Z missed his friends, he really did. "You have that new parent glow, Eth!" Also known as: Sleep deprivation. A look that Ethan wore way better than Zander ever had, that's for sure.

Annnnnnd, before he could say much else, he heard a second voice. One that could only belong to one person: Simon Holden. "Might as well be!" Actually, a father support group was a good idea. Could they have one of those, for real? His kids were a little older now, but uhhhh... The headache hadn't yet subsided. "It's been ages since we've all been together! I'm having flashbacks to Hogwarts." Though... perhaps he wasn't. Hogwarts was a very different place now; the castle he had seen a few months prior was nothing like the one he remembered.

Maybe it was for the best that they didn't talk about it... Zander had served as a prefect with Caleb Newell, but Simon and Ethan... They lived with him. Surely the two had heard the news.

"Why thank you, Zanderman. It's quite obvious isn't it?" the slightly bloodshot eyes were a dead giveaway wasn't it. As if the stress of the war wasn't enough, little Liam had the perfect timing to be born; days before the breakout of the uprising. And so, yes, Ethan may be zombie-ing his way around, but that was not an excuse not to see his old pals...especially that the war was over. "How's Sophie? The kids? You?" he can tell that a lot has gone down, and he cannot wait to hear more.

It wasn't long when Simon showed up. Ah...the good old Watson to his Holmes. Unbeknownst to Zander, Ethan and Simon had been in undercover missions the past years, so they have been seeing each other more often than most of their other friends. Simon was received with a tight hug-- a "thanks again, mate" kind of embrace.

"Well we wouldn't want you passing out from the flashbacks, Z." At the mention of Hogwarts, he had an inkling as to where their conversation might go. There was an annoying dragging weight whenever the school's name was brought up. It used to be a fun place, despite the dangers, but the recent happenings surprised them all. He would know since he's currently employed with the ICW, and as an international task force agent, he was there battling the uprising alongside his family and friends.

And he's very well aware of what happened to Caleb Newell. Caleb was a very good friend, of which he had fond memories with, alongside Simon, Cutty, and Grayson back in school and the boy talks that went down in their dorm. To see him among the dead, alongside Professor Hadley, it broke Ethan's heart. They were, after all, an extension of his family. Hogwarts was home.

"Come on lads we don't have all day," he said taking his seat at the table. "Let this support session begin." Drinks...they need drinks, and lots of it please.


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