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Text Cut: Aurora
Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Did Mr dashing know that his eyes shined extra bright when he too smiled? It was quite charming actually and Aurora thought there was a word for it in French, but she couldn’t remember it even if she was pretty fluent in the language. She had though not spoken French in a while, so it was easy to forget words and phrases. "Yes I do love Paris especially the language, the people and the cuisine. I lived in France when I taught CoMC for a few years at Beauxbatons." She said with a bright smile trying not to think about the whole reason why she had escaped the british isles in the first place and uprooted her children. Aurora definitely enjoyed when she in her work got the opportunity to go back for a visit.

Aw, how cute! Mr Dashing’s trouble with pronouncing the Burgh Theatre almost made Aurora laugh but she didn’t want to offend him so she just said with a hint of amusement in her voice. "So you like watching operas and such then?" When he went from Vienna to Verona Aurora had a little trouble following along in his thinking and thus asked thoughtfully. "What’s special to see in Verona aside from the Italian cuisine?"

Taken by surprise since most people seemed to live and work in London when they work for the british ministry Aurora asked "You don’t live in London? You only visit now and then?" Yes, Mr dashing she had taken the hint and wouldn’t mind meeting you again. Letting her eyes drop down to his leg briefly as he spoke about it, she replied with clear sympathy in her voice as she raised her gaze to meet his eyes again. "That sounds rough. I thought the healers of today could fix almost all troubles."

Oh! So she was a teacher. Correction, had been a teacher. He was sure she could teach him a thing or two. But it seemed he could teach her a thing or two too. "Well, it's just the home of the most romantic story of all time isn't it? I plan on seeing Juliet's house." Yes, he knew Shakespeare had only used Verona as a backdrop, that he had never actually been there and that the story was entirely fictional, but what harm did it do to indulge in the idea? And yes, he was completely aware that he was laying out his romantic card. Sure, it might turn some women off, but he didn't think that would be the case with Pretty Eyes. "And I certainly plan to eat my weight in risotto." He laughed at himself, knowing it would take a lot of running to work off all the carbs.

"No, I'm from The States. I, well, I'm... sort of between things right now." It still smarted, his having to give up his position in with the Obliviators in MACUSA. As was his leg. Explaining it wasn't first meeting material. It wasn't even first date material. Nope she would have to wait until a second date to learn all his secrets. "I'm just taking some time to figure things out. And heal." Like you Pretty Eyes. She looked like she had a few secrets he would like to learn. As for why he hadn't been fully healed? "Ask me that question sometime." He flashed her a smile. "Maybe over dinner in say...2 weeks?"
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