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Originally Posted by Waddles View Post
Honora found she was accumulating...uhhhhh...quite the stack of used books. On the plus side, this meant she wouldn't have to come back to London for awhile. On the down side, this meant she wouldn't have a reason to come back to London for awhile.

"I'll have to add it to my list," she said, meaning her list of books to read. It was a long list, because she added to it more frequently than she crossed anything off. So much of her reading came from the used bookstore, where there weren't exactly infinite choices. As for the other list, of recommendations for Jack, she already had a few in mind. Humourous science fiction with deeper undertones was a very specific genre, but sometimes specificity was good.

She put a book back on the stack that had too many missing pages. She probably had enough books. Possibly too many books. But this chat was nice, it had been so long since she'd really talked with anyone from Hogwarts. "Number one on my list?" she repeated, startled by the question. Wait, what was her number one of the day? Cooking? The travel guides thing from last week? She tapped the stack of books in her hand, thinking on that for a moment. Maybe she should just tell the truth. "The number one spot is for whatever I find that'll, well, make me famous," she said, opting for honestly even though it did make her blush the tiniest amount. Just a hint of pink in her cheeks, nothing like the full flush of earlier. "I've been cooking, lately? Maybe I can be the next Julia Child?" Did he even know who Julia Child was?

She nodded slightly, and smiled at his laughter. Not everyone liked reading, and that was okay. More books for her.
Jackson, on the other hand, had accumulated zero books, despite insisting that he'd be helpful. It wasn't his fault though - honest! Every time he began looking through the book he had in his hands, he got proper distracted. It was far more important to give Honora his full attention, anyway. It wasn't every day you ran into an old schoolmate! Especially with everyone all over the place at uni and working real jobs. Had to cherish the moments when they came by, y'know? Jack wasn't about to take any of it for granted.

"You must really like lists," he smiled, not unkindly. Jackson tried being a list person once. It worked out for all of three days, but he kept misplacing the lists so uhhhhh.... Some poor house-elf had probably come by a huge pile underneath one of the Ravenclaw four-poster beds by the time Jackson had graduated. Heh. Parchment, y'know!? Just runs off on its own! Can't help itself. In any case, he admired people who could keep track of their lists. That was the real secret to keeping your life together. If you can't keep organized, surround yourself with people who can. They might hate you for it, but uhhhhhhh maybe one day they'll rub off on you.

And if not, they're plenty fun to be around so it all works out!

Uh. Anyway. What were they talking about? Oh, yes. Lists. But not the book lists, they were talking about other lists right now. Maybe they needed a list for all the lists. Heh. "Ha!" Jackson laughed a little louder than he probably should have. It was a good thing they were only in the book section of a junk shop and not an actual library. "Who's Julia? And .... do all her children cook?" He was kidding, of course. About the child thing. Not the Julia thing. He had never heard the name Julia Child.
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